Former GOP communications director casts his vote for Biden: ‘Land over Party’.


A former communications director of the Republican National Committee (RNC) announced on Twitter that he had decided to cast his vote for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden instead of President Donald Trump.

On Monday, Ryan Mahoney posted on Twitter a photo of a ballot paper with the oval for Biden filled out. “I am proud to vote country over party,” Mahoney said in the Tweet. “Proud to vote for @JoeBiden.”

Proud to vote for country over party

Proud to vote for @JoeBiden

– Ryan Mahoney (@rcmahoney) November 2, 2020

The RNC introduced Mahoney in 2011 as one of the regional press secretaries of the 2012 election cycle committee. Prior to joining the RNC, Mahoney served as Communications and Political Director for the Republican Party of Maryland and also served as Field Director for the Republican Party of Wisconsin in 2008 and 2009.

On Twitter, Mahoney reveals himself as a former communications director and senior advisor to the GOP. Although his Twitter feed shows that he has not been active on the platform for the past two years, he has begun retweeting Trump-critical content in recent weeks. These included a critique by Utah Senator Mitt Romney of Trump’s “unwillingness” to denounce conspiracy theories, and an opinion piece in the Washington Post criticizing the Trump campaign and the Republican Party for their involvement in voting litigation this year.

Mahoney posted a link to the opinion article on Sunday, along with an excerpt accusing Trump’s campaign and the GOP of trying to restrict voter participation. Mahoney announced his decision to vote for Biden a day later.

Less than 24 hours before election day, Mahoney announced his decision. Although Biden is favored in most national and contested state polls, some policy experts said these polls might overlook the “shy” Trump voters, as pollsters did four years ago when Hillary Clinton was predicted to win by a landslide.

Trump ran an intense campaign and held personal rallies attended by thousands of supporters, while Biden was chosen to host virtual and drive-in events due to the coronavirus pandemic. While Robert Cahaly, one of the few pollsters predicting Trump’s victory in 2016, recently told Washington Newsday that he believes support for Trump is stronger now than it was four years ago, some Republicans have made concerted efforts this year to discourage members of their party from supporting the President through initiatives such as the Lincoln Project and Republican Voters Against Trump.

In several Lincoln Project appeal videos, the founders have called on voters to put the country above the party, using the same phrase Mahoney used in his tweet.

“Something incredible is happening all over America: Republicans are putting country above party and supporting Joe Biden as president,” the project announced in a video posted on the project’s social media pages this summer.

Washington Newsday asked Trump’s campaign for a comment, but did not receive a response in time for publication.


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