For the seventh time, Ghislaine Maxwell’s bail application is denied.


For the seventh time, Ghislaine Maxwell’s bail application is denied.

Ghislaine Maxwell, a British socialite, has been denied bail for the seventh time ahead of her November trial on charges that she recruited underage girls for Jeffrey Epstein to sexually assault.

Maxwell’s newest appeal was denied by the 2nd US Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan in a brief order. It was issued by a three-judge panel that did not provide any additional information.

Her bail plea had been denied by the appeals court once previously, and her trial judge had denied it three times.

Maxwell’s lawyers urged the appeals court to order the lower-court judge to hold a hearing where material relating to bail may be presented in the newest bail case. That was also denied by the 2nd Circuit.

Maxwell, 59, has been in prison since July of last year. She has pled not guilty to accusations of sex trafficking and conspiracy, alleging that between 1994 and 2004, she recruited at least four females for Epstein to sexually assault.

Her trial was recently rescheduled until November, after it was originally scheduled for July. The start of the hearings is set for the end of the month.

While awaiting a sex trafficking prosecution, Epstein committed suicide in a federal Manhattan jail in August 2019.

Maxwell’s attorneys claim she was abused at a federal prison in Brooklyn, but prosecutors deny the claims.

Maxwell and friends and family would put up $28.5 million in a proposed bail deal, according to her lawyers.

They further claim that Maxwell, a US citizen, would consent to 24-hour armed guards, an electronic bracelet, and the renunciation of her British and French passports.

Maxwell’s appeals attorney, David Oscar Markus, wrote in an email that his client “is subjected to more grueling conditions than any other detainee” at the Metropolitan Detention Centre in Brooklyn.

Maxwell cannot fully prepare for trial in a prison where she is awoken every 15 minutes at night when guards flash a light into her cell to check on her, he said, describing the institution as a “total disaster.”

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