For a year, a company will pay someone from each state to eat pizza.


For a year, a company will pay someone from each state to eat pizza.

A firm is offering to pay someone to eat pizza for a year in every state.

Slice is looking for a group of pizza fans to join its P.I.E. Society (Promotion of Independents Everywhere) as their state’s Resident Head of Pizza.

The foodies will earn $1,300 over the course of a year to eat as much cheese and pepperoni as they like, plus an additional $500 to aid with travel expenses.

Slice collaborates with thousands of individual pizzerias across the country, and the pizza chef will be responsible for not only the food but also the venues.

Along with the free pizza, you’ll get a content creation kit, which includes a ring light and a phone tripod worth up to $2,000, to capture their culinary love story.

“It was love at first bite and you’ve never looked back,” Slice stated of their perfect candidate. You’re not picky; you enjoy pizzas of various sizes, shapes, and backdrops! You want to shout from the rooftops about how much you love pizza. Perhaps you were a special guest at your delivery guy’s wedding. You care deeply about your neighborhood and believe in supporting small businesses. You are delighted to highlight the stories of independent pizzerias since you have a passion for creating content.”

The basic tasks are to “consume pizza” by visiting a new pizza business every week and “capture content that reveals the unique tale behind the pie.”

But don’t worry if you’re feeling lazy one weekend; you can always order pizza if getting off the couch is too much work.

You’ll need at least 10 years of pizza eating expertise, the ability to reheat leftovers, and an understanding of which pizza toppings fold well.

But, crucially the job is about championing independent eateries, as enshrined in their satirical “pizza pledge,” which says: “I swear to support independent pizzerias, from my go-to’s and neighborhood favorites to shops just starting out.

“I swear to try every pie to discover where has the crispiest crust, the most inventive toppings, and the perfect cheese to sauce ratio. I swear to spread the word in my state and beyond. And I swear never, ever to use a delivery app again. For the love of independents.”

Applications open today, and. This is a brief summary.


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