Following TA’s anti-Israel tweets, Jewish rights organizations say Johns Hopkins University must do more.


Following TA’s anti-Israel tweets, Jewish rights organizations say Johns Hopkins University must do more.

The controversy over a Teaching Assistant (TA) at Johns Hopkins University’s anti-Israel tweets isn’t going away, as Jewish rights groups press the university to uncover the university’s measures against the young graduate student who posted them.

Rasha Anayah, a Ph.D. candidate and teaching assistant in the university’s chemistry department, tweeted out a question presented as a survey and followed it up with further tweets, copies of which were provided to This website in the form of screenshots.

“Ethical dilemma: if you have to grade a zionist kids exam, should you still award them all their points even though they support your ethnic cleansing?” Anaya tweeted on November 15, 2020. like dunno [I’m not sure].”

“Yes [redacted]be a good ta,” Anayah said, and “free Palestine!” she said. Let them down.”

According to the article, 18 people responded that day, with 77 percent in favor of failing the pupils. “Like I agree but too many of you want me to get fired,” she wrote in response to the poll results that favored failing the pupils on November 16.

Anayah expressed her anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian sentiments in a series of tweets on November 20, which also hinted at racial and graduate/undergraduate tensions in her class.

“In lab, we had an undergrad who had been on birthright [to Israel]and had one of the Tel Aviv street signs on her laptop. Every time she opened it, it stabbed me. I would have lost it if I had been paired with one of them or one of these pretentious white boys,” she added.

She appeared to confess in another tweet that she was having trouble with university officials for her Twitter tweets.

“Don’t underestimate me, fam; if I can take on the university’s administration and yet come out on top, why do some of these undergrads think they can come after me? ” she wrote on Twitter.

It’s unclear from the tweets whether any of this had anything to do with the class’s subject: chemistry. Twitter has since taken down the tweets.

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