Fire and drought, according to Biden, “doesn’t give a damn” about political parties.


Fire and drought, according to Biden, “doesn’t give a damn” about political parties.

Wildfires and drought, according to Democratic Vice President Joe Biden, “don’t give a damn” about political parties.

Biden made the remark during a speech in Golden, Colorado on Tuesday evening. He talked about climate change and the Democratic infrastructure bill in his speech.

“At the end of the day, it isn’t about red or blue states,” Biden remarked. “A property border is invisible to a drought or a fire. It doesn’t give a damn whose political party you belong to. Natural disasters will continue to strike. That’s how serious the climate crisis is.”

Biden began his speech by describing the devastation wrought by the Caldor wildfire in California and Hurricane Ida on the southern and eastern shores.

“The extreme weather we’re seeing is only going to get more regular and ferocious,” Biden predicted. “As a country, we really are blinking Code Red.”

According to Biden, approximately one in every three American households has been impacted by natural disasters. He also claimed that 44,000 wildfires scorched roughly 5.6 million acres in 2021 alone, inflicting billions in damage and forcing “tens of thousands” to flee their homes and businesses.

He went on to say that members of both major political parties now see clean energy as a critical economic, environmental, and national security issue.

“We know that human activity is affecting climate change. “This is no longer debatable,” Biden stated. “The only point of contention is what we should do to address this problem, and that shouldn’t even be a point of contention.”

The president then reiterated his administration’s goals of reducing greenhouse emissions by 50 to 52 percent by 2030 and attaining zero emissions by 2050. He also stated that by 2035, he wants the country to be completely carbon-free.

“We can accomplish all of this in a way that produces excellent employment, lowers consumer and corporate costs, and positions us as global leaders in an entirely new industry that other countries are vying for,” Biden added.

Biden finished by discussing his proposed $3.5 trillion infrastructure plan, which includes renewable energy investments.

According to Biden, the plan contains significant investments in solar and wind energy development and storage. It will also include “the largest federal investment in power transmission in history,” he added. This is a condensed version of the information.


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