Fans are shocked to learn that flame throwers clean stadium seats.


Fans are shocked to learn that flame throwers clean stadium seats.

Fans of sports are in disbelief after learning that stadium seats are being restored with flame throwers.

Whether you like football, baseball, or basketball, one thing that all sports fans have in common is that they all sit in hard, plastic seats to watch their favorite sportsmen.

The fact that thousands of spectators eating and drinking in the stands produces a significant amount of rubbish is well-known, but the seats themselves must also be maintained.

Rather than cleaning each one separately, fire can be used to restore seats to their former splendor.

A video of the extraordinary procedure known as flame polishing has gone viral on Reddit.

ChoppyIllusion and CoppellCitizen were among the users who shared the soundless 41-second footage, with the former captioning it, “How stadium seats are refurbished.”

It depicts a row of red seats in an unknown place, one on the right being a bright, lively hue and the other on the left being a chalky, light hue.

Damnthatsinteresting is how stadium seats are restored from Damnthatsinteresting is how stadium seats are refurbished from Damnthatsinterest

As they turn the jet of fire on the battered-looking chair, the individual wielding the would-be weapon appears to be photographing the stunning spectacle.

Rather than scorching or melting, it begins to change color, gradually revealing the bright red tint.

Before filling in the rear, they make their way around the edges until it matches the row that has previously been completed.

More than 2,000 individuals commented on the videos, saying they had no clue seats were “cleaned” this way.

“Three down, 36,997 to go!” Nostradumbassssssssssssssssssssssssss

Swervin87 wrote: “Are those seats made out of asbestos? I know it is completely fireproof and burning it just makes it clean.”

Key-Table2369 admitted: “No I feel like an idiot, I thought it was frost and they just melted it.”

While Stifflizerd added: “I thought it was some sort of protective finish that needed to be melted on so I feel like we’re in the same boat.”


Eli said: “P***** at my guidance counselor for not letting me know a job like this existed. Now I’m stuck with stupid ass spreadsheets and Word tables when I could have been using a god damn flamethrower.”

Some explained more about the process, with. This is a brief summary.


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