Fact-check: Are Fox News’ daily ratings collapsing, as Trumpf claims?


Fox News has been a fixture for many right-wing extremists and has been constantly supported by President Donald Trump since his term of office. Is this beginning to change?

While focusing on ratings, Trump on Thursday tweeted the claim that Fox News daily ratings are collapsing.

The claim

[email protected] daily ratings have completely collapsed. Weekend daytime even WORSE. It is very sad to see this happen, but they have forgotten what made them successful, what brought them there. They forgot the Golden Goose. The biggest difference between the 2016 election and the 2020 election was @FoxNews! The trump card was tweeted on November 12, 2020.

The facts

Fox News ended the third quarter (July to September) in first place for the 17th consecutive day viewers overall, according to its quarterly report. Fox News recorded an average of 1.8 million viewers, compared to second ranked MSNBC with 1.2 million and third ranked CNN with 971,000 viewers.

Lachlan Murdoch, Executive Chairman and CEO of Fox Corporation, hinted that ratings of major news organizations such as Fox will drop significantly after the election. One consideration is that Joe Biden is “less inclined to make statements on Twitter – and very often appears on Fox prime time news shows like Hannity or morning shows like Fox & Friends, Variety reported. Murdoch did not mention Biden or Trump in his argumentation.

On Wednesday, November 4, the morning show of Fox News, Fox and Friends, reported the highest rating in its 22-year history. During the three-hour show (6 to 9 a.m. EST), Fox and Friends brought 4.6 million viewers and more than 1 million in the 24-25 viewer population. The 8-hour Fox & Friends program was aired to 5.5 million viewers. In addition, according to outkick.com, on Wednesday Fox & Friends surpassed on average the prime time channels NBC (3.6 million), CBS (2.6 million) and ABC (3.1 million).

Fox News recorded the highest rated September in the station’s history this year.

On Election Day, Fox won the most viewers during prime time, averaging 14.1 million, although total viewers declined by 20 percent. Fox News more than doubled CNN’s second place, averaging 9.4 million viewers. By the end of the week, however, CNN had taken the lead with an average of 5.9 million viewers to Fox News’ 5.7 million.

But when Biden became the likely winner of the 2020 election,” Fox News audiences collapsed yesterday after Biden was elected president. During the Biden/Harris speeches, Fox had three million viewers, the lowest total number of all stations,” Michael Grynbaum wrote in a New York Times election update column.

The verdict


It is not surprising that Fox News ratings would drop during the speeches of the Democratic winners. But the fact that Fox & Friends has the highest ratings ever and that the station is in first place during the day for the 17th consecutive quarter suggests that they are not collapsing.


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