Ex-hunter Biden Associate Tony Bobulinski says the FBI interviewed him for hours and examined his cell phones.


Tony Bobulinski said the FBI interviewed him for hours and checked his cell phones for his business relationship with Hunter Biden, the son of Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

Bobulinski provided details of the October 23rd interview with Sinclair Broadcast Group and stated that he was questioned for five hours in the presence of legal counsel and six law enforcement officers. Bobulinski said the agents examined evidence on three cell phones he provided.

“They list me on their computer systems as a key witness within the entire FBI,” Bobulinski told reporter James Rosen, adding that the interview was a “very cooperative immersion in all the facts over that period of time.

Asked by Rosen in connection with what he considered a key witness, Bobulinski replied: “In connection with the discussion about the Biden family, CEFC and other operations around the world involving other countries”.

CEFC is a Chinese energy conglomerate with which Hunter Biden wanted to do business in the years 2016 to 2017. He recruited Bobulinski, a marine veteran and financier, as CEO of the joint venture project – a deal that ultimately failed.

Bobulinski publicly accused Joe Biden of lying about his involvement in his son’s business shortly before the last presidential debate on October 22. At the press event organized by the campaign of President Donald Trump, Bobulinski claimed that he had met with Joe Biden in person. He was later invited to the debate as a guest of the President.

During the debate, Joe Biden denied ever having taken money from a foreign company and said that “nothing is unethical” about his son’s business.

“I have never taken a penny from a foreign source in my life,” said the Democratic candidate, adding that he had filed tax returns for 22 years while Trump had not published a single year. “What are you hiding?” asked Joe Biden.

The allegations related to Hunter Biden’s business affairs were compounded by a report in the New York Post that allegedly contained screenshots of incriminating e-mails about his dealings with Ukraine and China. The reports claimed that Hunter Biden had tried to exploit his father’s vice-presidential role to support his business in foreign countries. However, other news agencies were not able to check and verify the e-mails. Some New York Post journalists even had doubts about the publication of the reports, reported the New York Times and New York Magazine.

Bobulinski told the Sinclair Broadcast Group that everyone in the room during his interview with the FBI was “very aware of the sensitivity of the parties involved here and the potential multiple implications for this country.

Tekk.tv asked for a comment on the Biden campaign, but did not return in time for the release.


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