Everything Stephen A. Smith Has To Say About Kyrie Irving’s COVID Vaccine Opposition.


Everything Stephen A. Smith Has To Say About Kyrie Irving’s COVID Vaccine Opposition.

The Brooklyn Nets have had a difficult time dealing with NBA All-Star Kyrie Irving’s refusal to get vaccinated against COVID-19, as he was suspended earlier this week for being unable to fully play in the regular season.

Stephen A. Smith of ESPN has emerged as one of Irving’s harshest critics throughout the uproar.

Irving’s decision to remain unvaccinated has been a source of contention for the sports broadcast personality, who believes Irving owes it to his team and supporters to do all it takes to play on the court.

Here’s a rundown of what Smith has said about the matter so far:

27th of September: Smith argues for the Nets to move Irving on ESPN’s Stephen A’s World, claiming that if one of the club’s top three players is prepared to miss half of their games, Irving’s emphasis aren’t on helping the team win championships.

“Swap him!” “Trade him if he won’t take the vaccine and can’t play half your home games,” Smith advised the Nets.

“It’s all about the ring,” says the narrator. “That’s why [Irving] came to Brooklyn,” he said, adding, “You’ve got to do what you’ve got to do” when it comes to getting vaccinated. October 7: Smith stated that Irving’s future with the Nets is in the hands of teammate Kevin Durant, who has been openly supportive of Irving’s decision and has remained hopeful that Irving will be able to join the club at some point.

“KD needs to recognize at some point that Kyrie’s vaccination status affects basketball, and basketball is all KD cares about,” Smith remarked on his ESPN show.

“Kyrie is out if KD says enough is enough. Traded. That is, if the Nets are still able to find a franchise to sign him,” he continued.

October 13: Following the announcement that Irving will be unable to play or practice with the Nets until he is vaccinated, Smith slammed Irving’s anti-vaccine position, calling it “flat-out foolish.”

“I’ve been covering the NBA for nearly two decades. This is the most ridiculous bullshit I’ve ever seen. “It’s just plain foolish,” Smith added.

Smith argued that Irving owed it to his club to do whatever it took to play with the Nets, including obtaining the vaccine, in a heated argument with sports analyst Jay Williams.

“We’re talking about a basketball player who has signed a contract with. This is a condensed version of the information.


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