Eric Trump complains about his influence in social media in the midst of censorship.


Eric Trump complained last night about its reach in social media and that technology companies “have their fingers on the dial”, arguing that censorship has become “probably the number one issue in politics” in recent weeks.

The son of President Donald Trump told Fox News that he believes he and other right-wing commentators are censored “because of obligations and preferences” in his social media posts.

Speaking to the Ingraham Angle Show on Wednesday night, Trump said: “They’d better believe they have their fingers on the dial too. When I say something they don’t agree with, the numbers are at the bottom. I can only see it because of commitments and preferences… they censor us, they don’t do it to the other side and that’s disgusting.

“But the Americans see through it, believe me, the Americans see through it. And quite frankly, what you don’t want to do to the Americans is take away their freedom of speech. This is our first amendment, and for good reason.” has contacted the Trump campaign for further comments from Eric Trump. This article will be updated with every response.

Eric Trump, the third-oldest child of the President and Executive Vice President of the Trump Organization, is complaining about social media companies after Twitter and Facebook tried to limit the reach of a New York Post story about the son of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, earlier this month.

Twitter initially blocked users from posting a link to the newspaper’s article, citing the newspaper’s rules that prohibit the distribution of “hacked” content.

The post is still blocked from their Twitter account and has not been able to post on the platform since October 14.

During his appearance before the Senate Commerce Committee on Wednesday, Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, said that the newspaper could get access to its account again if it deleted its original tweet.

“They need to log into their account, which they can do this minute, delete the original tweet that was covered under our original enforcement actions,” Dorsey told Texas Senator Ted Cruz. “And they can tweet the exact same material and the exact same article, and it would go through.


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