Eric Adams takes the lead at first, but Yang and Garcia rely on ranked choice votes to maintain their lead.


Eric Adams takes the lead at first, but Yang and Garcia rely on ranked choice votes to maintain their lead.

Despite the fact that Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams is leading the Democratic primary for mayor of New York, candidates Andrew Yang and Kathryn Garcia are optimistic that the new ranked-choice voting (RCV) method would help them win the nomination.

Adams has 29.22% of the vote, Garcia has 22.58 percent, and progressive candidate Maya D. Wiley has 20.86 percent as of Tuesday evening. Yang has 11.69 percent of the vote. However, according to the unofficial results issued by the city’s Board of Elections, these figures only represent the first-choice candidate, who received 282,758 votes, or 1.88 percent of the vote.

RCV allows voters to rank up to five candidates for a given position. If no candidate receives a majority of votes as the people’s preferred candidate, the votes are recounted in rounds. The candidate who receives the fewest votes in each round is eliminated. If a voter’s first preference is removed, the voter’s vote will be cast for their second choice. In this manner, the rounds continue until one candidate receives a majority of the votes.

The official results of the RCV will not be released by the city’s Board of Elections until Tuesday, June 29. Even though Adams is currently ranked top in this poll, his position may not matter if he fails to gain a majority of the vote.

The results will most certainly be delayed even more because 15 to 20% of voters are anticipated to vote by mail using absentee ballots, according to the Associated Press.

Absentee ballots can arrive up to ten days after Election Day at the election board. As a result, The New York Times noted that a more full result may not be available until the week of July 12. The election board has promised to release updates totals once a week until all absentee ballots are counted.

A recent RCV poll had Adams winning 28 percent of respondent support, Yang with 20 percent and Garcia with 15 percent. The poll was conducted by the international polling firm Ipsos. Yang is a former Democratic presidential candidate and Garcia is the city’s former sanitation commissioner.

But despite Adams’ lead in the polls, Yang and Garcia are hoping that RCV will ultimately work in one. This is a brief summary.


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