Employees at a theme park walk out after a manager is accused of making racist remark about a “bunch of monkeys.”


Employees at a theme park walk out after a manager is accused of making racist remark about a “bunch of monkeys.”

Several employees at a North Carolina amusement park quit on Saturday after stating that a boss made several racist statements toward Black staff that were disregarded.

Employees at Frankie’s Fun Park claimed Channel 9 news that one boss made racist statements over and over again without repercussions. Alyssa Faustia, a two-year employee at the amusement park, claims the boss informed her she had “nappy hair” and compared her and her Black coworkers to a “bunch of Monkeys.”

Faustia explained, “The boss stated I had nappy hair like Whitney Houston, so he named me ‘nappy-head.'” “This boss also commented that we looked like a group of monkeys about to be whipped.”

Dajah Austin and Jordan Guine, two additional employees, informed the news site that they had similar experiences with the management. All three employees claimed that they informed other managers about the incidences, but that their concerns were ignored.

The three employees then attempted to address the problem on May 22 by writing down their unpleasant experiences on note cards and putting them around a break room table. The committee then summoned the general manager to discuss the events.

Jordan summoned the GM to the break room to discuss the situation, and he simply stated, “If you people walk out, there’s no coming back,” according to Faustia of Channel 9 news. The group stated that they checked out and left their employment after realizing that nothing would be done to remedy the manager’s behavior.

Austin told Channel 9 news, “I was in tears because it’s like, wow, they truly don’t care about us.” More than a dozen employees walked out in solidarity with the organization, according to the group.

“It was challenging because it was a really decent job,” Guine added. “I had to fight back tears as I walked out, and I’m not a cryer. It was a little depressing to discover that nothing was going to change.”

In response to the allegations, Frankie’s Fun Park owner Doug Godley told Channel 9 news that the park had “never received a complaint” about the racist remarks.

“They never made a complaint to our human resources department,” he claimed.

Godley went on to say that he spoke with the Charlotte location’s management, who disputed the charges. He insisted on it. This is a condensed version of the information.


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