During his visit to Pennsylvania, Trump supporters jeered Joe Biden’s motorcade.


During his visit to Pennsylvania, Trump supporters jeered Joe Biden’s motorcade.

Former President Donald Trump supporters booed and jeered President Joe Biden’s convoy as it passed through Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley on Wednesday.

A short video clip published on social media sites such as Twitter and Gab shows a large crowd along Biden’s motorcade route and shouting at the cars as they pass.

Some individuals were waving giant American flags and carrying Trump banners, while others raised their middle fingers at the limousine. “Trump! Trump! Trump!” can be heard from at least one man.

The event occurred in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley region, and several who saw the video speculated that it was shot around Allentown, which corresponds to Biden’s planned path on Wednesday.

The Reporter, a Pennsylvania newspaper and website, claimed that roughly 100 Trump supporters and around the same number of Biden supporters were there.

The president was on his way to Lower Macungie Township’s Mack Truck Lehigh Valley Operations.

According to a report from Lehigh Valley Live, he landed via Lehigh Valley International Airport, and his convoy proceeded to the truck plant.

According to Google Maps, driving from Lehigh International Airport to Macungie takes about 30 minutes and passes through Allentown, where Trump supporters were allegedly videotaped.

Some of former President Trump’s supporters can also be seen waiting for Biden’s convoy to arrive on Route 100 outside the Mack Trucks complex, according to photos obtained by Lehigh Valley Live.

During his visit to Allentown, Pennsylvania, Biden’s motorcade is greeted with jeers and middle fingers. pic.twitter.com/nAcPB0tb1T

July 29, 2021 — Philly Young Republicans (@PhiladelphiaYRs)

Some of Biden’s own supporters, who were waving American flags, greeted him as well. In images of the motorcade’s path, at least one Biden/Harris banner could be seen, and some attendees also carried signs reading “Biden: No Fossil Fuel Projects.”

In the 2020 presidential election, the president received 20 of Pennsylvania’s Electoral College votes. He received 50% of the statewide popular vote, compared to 48.8% for former President Trump.

After local news station WFMZ-TV obtained audio of Biden suggesting he had previously driven an 18-wheeler truck, the president’s visit to Pennsylvania on Thursday generated a slight uproar.

The audio sample was published on Twitter by the Republican National Committee’s (RNC) Research account. This is a condensed version of the information.


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