‘Dumb F**ks,’ Proud Boys Call Their Fans The ‘Afghan Refugee Hunting Permit’ has gone viral.


‘Dumb F**ks,’ Proud Boys Call Their Fans The ‘Afghan Refugee Hunting Permit’ has gone viral.

Following the discovery of mock “Afghan refugee hunting permit” stickers on the University of Michigan (UoM) campus, chapters of the far-right Proud Boys group have chastised their supporters.

The extreme sticker, which said “no bag restriction” and “tagging Taliban not required,” called for the slaughter of Afghan refugees. On September 12, UoM student Alex Williams discovered “may hunt day or night with or without dogs.”

The mock-hunting permit, which featured Proud Boys’ name, emblem, and color scheme, also included the permit number 09/11/01, which appeared to be a reference to the September 11 terrorist attacks.

The false permit was one of around a dozen far-right stickers that were strewn about campus before being retrieved by Williams.

The Michigan chapter of the Proud Boys blasted whoever placed the stickers and distanced themselves from those responsible while commenting to the initial This website report online.

The far-right organization maintained that those who placed the stickers are not from a Proud Boys chapter and that they do not encourage killing Afghan refugees.

The Michigan Proud Boys chapter said in Telegram, “What these dumb f**ks didn’t seem to realize is that the majority of these refugees were fighting on our side and are escaping the Taliban’s depredations.”

“Have you ever had that crazy ex-girlfriend who wouldn’t leave you alone? “They’re those guys,” the gang confirmed.

“They have no right to use the term Proud Boy, and their s**tty behavior is a result of it. Promoting hunting and killing people is unethical and, to be honest, perhaps unlawful. We do not participate in, nor do we condone, such behavior.”

“We have members of this fraternity who are currently political prisoners who are having their constitutional rights violated with up-jumped charges, and are being held without the right to a speedy trial,” the group added, referring to the Proud Boys members who have been charged in connection with the January 6 attack at the Capitol.

“It appears that these former members couldn’t care less about their predicament.”

Those who placed the stickers around campus as “LARPing” (live-action role-playing) as official members of the far-right group, according to the Wisconsin chapter of the Proud Boys.

“We don’t consider any of them members since we know how stupid they are,” the group says. This is a condensed version of the information.


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