Donald Trump’s niece attacks the president for his speech: This is what it looks like when a loser loses”.


Mary L. Trump, the President’s niece and vocal critic, attacked her uncle when he made a series of false statements about election fraud and its “theft.

Mary Trump simply contradicted the president while he made his remarks on Thursday night, several major U.S. news stations cutting their feeds because he was spreading so much misinformation.

“This is what it looks like when a loser loses,” she twittered. The post has been tweeted more than 23,000 times since then.

President Donald Trump spoke to reporters for the first time since his conference on Wednesday at 2 a.m. Eastern time, where he falsely stated that he had already won the election and that the fact that it was not mentioned was a “fraud against the American public.

In Trump’s last conference, he claimed that “if you count the legal vote, I win easily” and that “if you count the illegal votes, they may try to steal the election from us.

Trump also claimed that he had heard “absolute horror stories” about election fraud, although he still had not presented any evidence, and that “partisan Democrats” had allowed the ballots to be taken in Pennsylvania three days after the election. It was the state and Supreme Court of the United States that allowed the ballots received by 5 p.m. on Friday to be counted as long as there was no evidence that the votes were cast after Tuesday.

Trump also wrongly said that the electoral apparatus in Georgia is run by Democrats, although it is overseen by Foreign Minister Brad Raffensperger, who is a Republican, and that GOP election observers were banned or denied access if they attempted to attend the vote count.

The main question was how close observers representing the parties could get to the count. Trump’s advisors were able to obtain a Supreme Court order that allowed her team to get within three feet of the counters at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia on Thursday.

Elsewhere, Trump said that “we actually won a lot in all the major venues, and then our numbers miraculously began to dissolve. Again, the president seems to doubt the fact that his lead has been drastically reduced after taking into account votes not yet counted.

Trump’s lead has shrunk sharply in key swing states such as Pennsylvania and Georgia because, as predicted, the postal vote seems to have favored Joe Biden. Since Friday morning, Trump currently leads Georgia with only a few hundred votes and less than 20,000 in Pennsylvania, after leading there on Wednesday morning with several hundred thousand votes.

Mary L. Trump has frequently criticized the president in the run-up to the election, including during his Wednesday morning conference, where he falsely stated that he had already won the election.

“Trump just said he did not want ‘her to be wtf… more votes… that’s exactly what was supposed to happen,” she twittered, “The votes are still counting. Take a seat, sir. Everyone’s vote counts.”

She added: “Every vote must be counted. Donald is lying.”…


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