Donald Trump Jr. says the choice is ‘Americans against algorithms’, large technology companies ‘push the scales in one direction’.


Donald Trump, Jr. called Tuesday morning’s presidential election a “Americans vs. Algorithms” battle, complaining that large technology companies tried to “tip the scales in one direction” before election day was called.

President Donald Trump’s eldest son told Fox & Friends that social media companies had used “their multibillion dollar power” to influence the election and disguise his father’s achievements during his first term in the White House.

He also repeated old lines of attack against the mainstream media, accusing publications of “hellishly” attacking the president in the run-up to election day and during his first four years in office.

After pointing to his father’s history of dealing with the economy and other areas of politics, Trump Jr. said: “When the mainstream media is hell-bent against Donald Trump, when the social media and big tech are doing literally everything they can in their trillion-dollar power to tip the scales in one direction, the average citizen may not even know about these achievements.

He added that the Trump campaign has decided to spend “so much time” on its terrain – stump speeches and other campaign events – because of the way the president is treated in the old and social media.

“This election is about Americans as opposed to the algorithms of Big Tech in California, the friends of Kamala Harris,” he later said. “It’s about freedom against tyranny. It’s about the never-ending closures that the Democrats want to make.”

Trump Jr. struck at major tech companies who were trying to “tip the scales in one direction” a few weeks after he complained that his “algorithms” were “smashed” by Instagram in the run-up to election day.

“Hey guys, I hope you’re okay and you’re watching my algorithms get “crushed,” the president’s oldest son said in an Instagram video. “I guess I did something to piss off the Instagram gods, so I hope you’ll watch this stuff anyway. We’ll do what we can.”

A caption to the article read, “In IG Prison. I watch my mail get about 20% of what they got last week, so if you want to turn on mail alerts this way, you might at least see my stuff.

Trump Jr.’s brother Eric Trump similarly complained on Fox News late last week, arguing that technology companies had their “fingers on the dial” because he claimed that censorship had become a “number one issue” in U.S. politics.

He also said he believed that his posts in the social media were somehow censored, as the number of “engagements and sympathies” for his posts decreased as election day approached.

“They’d better believe that they too have their fingers on the dial. When I say something they disagree with, the numbers go down,” he told The Ingraham Angle. “I can only see it because of commitments and preferences… they censor us, they don’t do it on the other side and it’s disgusting…”.


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