Dock Diving and Bubble Catching are among the events held by a dog group called the “Doggy Olympics.”


Dock Diving and Bubble Catching are among the events held by a dog group called the “Doggy Olympics.”

The NH Dog Walking Club is hosting its first annual “Doggy Olympics” in New Hampshire as the Tokyo Olympics continue in Japan. Among the activities are dock diving and bubble catching.

For dogs and their owners, the club has already hosted fun, physical, educational, and social events. However, they took advantage of the enthusiasm surrounding the Summer Games by hosting their own canine equivalent.

The Doggy Olympics are a fundraiser that runs from July 23 to August 16 in various places across the state. The activities are being hosted by some of the group’s 25 partner groups. Trainers, dog parks, and kennels are among the groups.

Mutts must sprint down a long dock, hurl themselves into a pool, and then swim to an exit ramp in the dock diving event. The bubble catching competition puts dogs’ coordination to the test as they try to eat flavored bubbles that are flying through the air.

Howling competitions, bobbing for toys in a kiddie pool, ice cream eating and treat catching competitions, a “paws up” challenge, tests to see whose dogs can “sit” and “stay” the longest with one command, and various obstacle courses are among the other activities. Dogs encounter a range of unfamiliar items, textured surfaces, aromas, tastes, and noises in one “Sensory Explorer” obstacle course.

Bronze, silver, and gold medals are available for dogs and their owners. Judges give points for composure, confidence, and the ability to ignore distractions, among other things. The Foster’s Daily Democrat noted that the event’s hosts and judges include veterinarians, behaviorists, pet photographers, and canine fitness specialists from local businesses.

On its website, the Doggy Olympics states, “The Doggy Olympics was established to inspire your dog to participate in and learn new enjoyable things while improving their body and bonding with you.” The Doggy Olympics, according to the group, should become a regular event. Its earnings will go to charities that are part of its Charitable Partners Program.

While the Doggy Olympics are still going on in New Hampshire, another dog competition took place in Helena, Montana on Wednesday. At the Last Chance Stampede and Fair, 18 trainers and 19 dogs competed in the 4-H dog agility event, according to KXLH.

4-H is a national youth organization whose original motto was adopted into its name: “head, heart, hands, and health.” It hosts a number of youth, after-school, camping, and training activities.

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