‘Do not give in, Mr. President’: Lindsey Graham urges to “fight hard” after the election defeat: “Do not give up, Mr. President”.


South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham does not believe Donald Trump should abandon the election after national election reports confirmed the victory of Joe Biden this weekend.

Graham addressed Trump’s reluctance to accept the victory of his Democratic opponent as the president spread false accusations of election fraud and corruption, and called the election results “challenged” during a Sunday morning appearance on Fox News.

“This is a contested election,” he said in an interview with host Maria Bartiromo. After subsequently making a recommendation against Trump’s concession, Graham added: “Don’t give in, Mr. President. Fight hard.”

The comments come in the midst of Trump’s efforts and his re-election campaign to invalidate votes through several lawsuits aimed at electoral procedures and tabulation activities in various parts of the country. Contrary to the influx of backlashes Trump and his campaign have received in the face of their legal prosecution, which many criticize as attempts to suppress votes and undermine U.S. election processes, Graham said on Sunday that he supports the objectives of the lawsuits.

Graham, who was named the likely winner of the state senatorial campaign after Tuesday’s election, is expected to resume his Senate seat for another term. The Republican legislator was initially elected Senator of South Carolina in 2003.

This is breaking news. It will be updated as additional information becomes available.


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