Deaf woman claims she was nearly shot when her sign language was misinterpreted as gang signs.


Deaf woman claims she was nearly shot when her sign language was misinterpreted as gang signs.

A video of a deaf lady claiming she was almost shot when a guy mistaken her usage of American Sign Language (ASL) for gang signs has gone viral, garnering over 2 million views and raising awareness issues.

Destiney Dutton was out with her deaf pals when a man allegedly approached them, showed a gun, and accused them of using gang signs.

Deaf and hard of hearing people all around the country use ASL to communicate, but several incidences in recent years have resulted in life-threatening or catastrophic outcomes due to a mix-up with gang signs.

On October 1, Dutton posted a video to TikTok recounting the four-year-old event, saying: “We went out to party with my deaf buddies. Of course, we were having a great time and were ‘lighted,’ but then I realized the party was ended.” “We took a stroll outside. We discussed where we would want to eat. I recall this guy approaching us and saying, ‘You throwing a gang sign?’ What country are you from? ‘Can you tell me about your set?’ ‘Wow, we’re deaf and we’re using ASL,’ I exclaimed “she continued.

The man, according to Dutton, merely laughed and told the group he didn’t believe them. “‘We’re deaf,’ my pal said. We’re just utilizing ASL for now. This is how we communicate.’ That guy continued to laugh, and then he had the audacity to pull out a gun and point it at all of us.” “Of course, it made me so angry at the time,” she explained, pausing to catch her breath.

The man didn’t shoot them after claiming he “didn’t have time for this,” according to Dutton, but insisted they weren’t using ASL. He allegedly said, “I know you’re putting up a gang sign,” before walking away.

“We were overjoyed. ‘This is exactly why we can’t use ASL in a terrible area or something,’ my friend said “Dutton stated. “There is no such thing as a gang sign in American Sign Language.” The video can also be viewed in its entirety here.

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Dutton’s anecdote isn’t far off the mark. This is a condensed version of the information.


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