Cynthia Johnson is a state representative from Detroit. The recipient of a death threat voicemail that says, “You Will Die,”


Cynthia Johnson is a state representative from Detroit. The recipient of a death threat voicemail that says, “You Will Die,”

State police in Michigan are looking into a three-minute voicemail sent to state Rep. Cynthia Johnson on Tuesday that contained racist language and death threats, including the phrase “you will die.” According to the Detroit Free Press, Johnson, who represents the city of Detroit, was alerted to the message by a staffer and filed a police report.

The voicemail, which was available in its entirety on the Free Press’ website, was reportedly opened with the caller, who sounded like a woman, referring to Johnson as “baby doll,” and racist animal imagery.

“We’re going to get you, and you’re going to die.” You’re one of the most egregious offenders. “We have a tier, too, in terms of points for how much you’re all worth once we murder you,” the caller explained. “I’m not a violent person, but in a heartbeat, I’d slash your throat.”

Throughout the voicemail, the caller used the phrase “you will die” numerous times, as well as threatening Johnson’s children and claiming that the congressman may be assassinated by “long-range shooters” while grocery shopping. Rep. Maxine Waters of California was also mentioned in the message when the caller mentioned an unnamed group’s “points” system.

“Did you think you were going to threaten us?” “We’re not threatening you; we’re going to kill you,” the caller stated.

Johnson was chastised for a Facebook video she posted on Dec. 8 last year, in which she responded to previous death threats by saying, “So this is just a message to you Trumpers.” Take care. Walk lightly. We ain’t playing with you. Enough of the shenanigans. Enough is enough. And for those of you who are soldiers, you know how to do it. Do it right. Be in order. Make them pay.”

Johnson said she believes the call may be referencing her comments in that video, Detroit Local 4 News reported.

The voicemail ended with the caller saying, “sleep well.”

In a statement released by the Michigan Democratic House Caucus, Johnson said the threats were “nothing new.”

“This is the same hate and violence Black Americans have faced for generations,” Johnson said. “This is not the first time domestic terrorists have tried to silence me with similar threats, but I will not be silenced. How dare they think I will take this lying down. Black women have fought this fight for too long. We’re tired from. This is a brief summary.


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