COVID Violation Fines Paid by 5 Businesses to be Refunded in New Hampshire


COVID Violation Fines Paid by 5 Businesses to be Refunded in New Hampshire

The Associated Press reported that New Hampshire will reimburse COVID-19 infringement fines to five businesses, despite Gov. Chris Sununu’s opposition to a similar law in March.

Sununu stated, “We can’t profess to support law and order while incentivizing law-breaking and rewarding people who defy the laws.” “Rewarding the small number of people who deliberately disrupted public health and safety following outreach and education efforts is a disservice to the hundreds of small companies who worked tirelessly to keep their employees and customers safe while allowing our economy to continue open for business.”

The attorney general of New Hampshire penalized eight firms a total of $10,000, but three of them chose to fight the citations rather than pay the punishment. When COVID-19 limits were withdrawn in June, the cases were dropped since the offenses were no longer in force, and they were simply taking up office resources, according to Associate Attorney General Anne Edwards.

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According to Edwards, her agency would send cheques to the other five businesses “to be equitable,” but will also include letters reminding them that they broke duly established restrictions and must follow any future laws and rules.

Edwards said the budget clause “raises substantial separation of powers concerns,” adding, “We stand by the legal proceedings that were taken in compliance with those documents.”

“When the state takes action for a law violation, no matter what that action is, the Legislature does not have the right to try to amend those measures retroactively.”

Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson vetoed legislation forcing the state to reimburse $38,000 in fines imposed on businesses for breaking coronavirus safety laws in March, and an attempt to override the veto was unsuccessful.

In a letter to legislative leaders, Hutchinson stated, “The only message delivered by this bill is that the rule of law does not matter.” “It’s an insult to those Arkansans who heeded health and safety warnings to safeguard themselves and their neighbors.”

On July 1, Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine retaliated against fellow Republicans by vetoing a budget item that would have terminated disciplinary action against such businesses and saved the state $100,000. This is a condensed version of the information.


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