COVID coverage must be giving Fox News viewers ‘whiplash,’ according to Jim Acosta.


COVID coverage must be giving Fox News viewers ‘whiplash,’ according to Jim Acosta.

In a broadcast on Sunday, CNN’s Jim Acosta chastised Fox News, claiming that its viewers must be suffering from “whiplash” as a result of the network’s contradictory message over the coronavirus vaccine.

In a CNN Newsroom segment, Acosta observed, “If you’re watching COVID coverage on Fox News these days, you might get a case of whiplash.” “While certain anchors, such as Tucker Carlson, are propagating anti-vax hysteria, others, such as Sean Hannity, are finally acknowledging that vaccines save lives.”

He showed a clip from earlier this week in which Hannity said, “Please take COVID seriously” and “I believe in the science of vaccination.”

ICYMI: If you want to rescue yourself or your family, don’t wait for Fox to straighten out its story. Vax and Friends will not become Fox and Friends… You’re not going to be saved by lies. The truth will prevail.

25 July 2021 — Jim Acosta (@Acosta)

“That’s great,” Acosta continued, “except Hannity later pulled back those comments, saying he never pushed anyone to get a vaccine.”

He then showed a footage of Fox & Friends presenter Brian Kilmeade comparing getting immunized to cliff diving.

The parallel offended Acosta, who said, “If you cliff dive and die, you die.” It’s just you. You don’t leave the rest of your family behind. This is where the analogy fails miserably.”

Acosta went on to say that majority of the COVID outbreaks have occurred in areas where vaccination rates are low. “Nearly all of the COVID patients in the hospital right now are unvaccinated,” he said.

“You’re right. Those who had access to immunizations but did not receive them are becoming ill. And many of them are now nearing the end of their lives.

“The reality is that a huge proportion of those Americans live in Trump-leaning states, where they prefer to obtain their information from outlets like Fox News, the same network that has been spreading COVID lies for months while denouncing this country’s finest scientists.”

Fox News’ problem with Dr. Anthony Fauci, according to Acosta, may be due to his proclivity for calling out disinformation.

“Smallpox and polio would almost certainly still exist in this country. This is a condensed version of the information.


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