Co-founder of the Lincoln Project calls doubts about election results by Republicans a “disgrace


Steve Schmidt, co-founder of the anti-President Donald Trump group The Lincoln Project, said Monday that there was “no evidence” of widespread electoral fraud, and Republicans who continue to make such claims are a “disgrace” to the Constitution and their own elected offices.

Schmidt, a longtime political strategist for the GOP, responded to Fox News by berating White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany at a press conference on Monday against unsubstantiated allegations of “illegal voting. Following McEnany’s “unbelievable” allegations of rampant electoral fraud, Schmidt said the Trump administration was conducting its “final outrage” after appearing on an MSNBC panel. The conservative co-founder of the Lincoln Project said that “everything is coming to an end” for Trump, as his team could not find legitimate examples of rampant election fraud in any state.

“The American people have made their judgement and thrown Donald Trump on his ass,” Schmidt said. “We should stop saying, ‘If there is evidence,’ there is no evidence [of electoral fraud]! This is a pipe dream. We are watching a conspiracy theory being woven in real time.”

“We should stop saying, ‘If there is evidence, there is no evidence. This is a fantasy. We are watching a conspiracy theory being woven in real time, and everyone in this country should be outraged about it” – @SteveSchmidtSES w/ @NicolleDWallace

– Deadline White House (@DeadlineWH) November 10, 2020

“Watching Kayleigh McEnany talk about honesty and transparency is an obscenity. She is a serial liar, has no credibility and is part of a regime that has done terrible damage to America. [Fox News’] Neil Cavuto knows the answer: There is no widespread electoral fraud, it does not exist. And we have enough information available at the moment… to understand this.”

During the McEnany press conference early Monday, the White House spokeswoman explained the reasons why Trump continues to cast doubt on the election results that show Joe Biden as the elected president.

“We want to protect the electoral rights of the American people; we want an honest, accurate and legitimate count. We want maximum sunlight, we want maximum transparency, we want every illegal vote counted, and we want every illegal vote counted -” said McEnany as Cavuto interrupted the live broadcast of her statements on Fox News.

“I can’t hear this… this explosive device,” Cavuto told viewers.

Schmidt, who had previously worked for former Republican President George W. Bush and the late Senator John McCain, said Trump’s last insult as president would be to “disrupt the peaceful transition of power that follows an American election. He said Trump’s inability “to look in the mirror and say ‘we lost,'” is digging at the core of the democratic process in America.

“The hours of their ability to do harm are coming to a swift end,” Schmidt said of the approaching election dates for campaigning and certification, which begin in about two weeks. Several MSNBC panelists agreed that the crude calculation of the number of votes contested by the Republicans does not allow Trump to win anywhere near any state. Election officials in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Arizona and Georgia have all condemned the Trump team’s fraud allegations, with the Secretary of State of Pennsylvania saying that late ballots sent by mail do not “make or prevent” the election for either candidate.

Schmidt, who co-founded the Lincoln Project with George Conway, Jennifer Horn and Rick Wilson, among others, repeatedly urged Republicans in Congress to immediately cease their insult to the historically sacred U.S. electoral process.

“To see high-ranking leaders elected to a federal office in this Congress who have taken an oath of office to the Constitution of the United States is a disgrace for eternity,” Schmidt said. “Under this dome of the Capitol, we have members of Congress who refuse to recognize the legitimacy of an election result. They make themselves complicit in the mythical creature that comes out of this White House. And we think it is okay for them to play politics? For how long?”

Washington Newsday asked the Trump campaign and The Lincoln Project for additional comments on Monday night, but received no response before the release.


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