Cicada Landing on Biden’s Neck, According to QAnon Supporters, Is Proof That Plan Is Working.


Cicada Landing on Biden’s Neck, According to QAnon Supporters, Is Proof That Plan Is Working.

Supporters of the QAnon conspiracy theory are inexplicably saying that the moment a cicada flew around President Joe Biden’s neck before boarding Air Force One had significant significance in a way only they can.

On Wednesday, a video showed Biden swatting away an insect on the tarmac of Joint Base Andrews ahead of his G7 summit visit to Cornwall, England, was extensively shared on social media.

Soon after, Biden warned reporters, “Watch out for the cicadas.” “I just received one. It had a hold on me.”

After filling up the plane’s engines, the swarm of insects produced problems, forcing the plane to be grounded on Tuesday and delaying the president’s maiden abroad journey by several hours.

Rather than simply perceiving it as an example of the problems caused by the return of the enormous, noisy insects after 17 years underground, some QAnon believers felt the cicadas’ reappearance was a secret nod that justified their radical campaign.

We The Media, a group of QAnon supporters with over 225,000 Telegram users, believes Biden swatting at the cicadas is actually “comms,” a secret message that QAnon fans can decode.

“COMMS? JOE BIDEN BITTEN BY A CICADA? Cicada nymphs happen to emerge after a 17-year underground childhood!!!” We, The Media, penned the article.

Because Q is the 17th letter of the alphabet, anything that can be linked to the number 17, no matter how flimsy, might be construed as “comms” by QAnon followers.

“What are you talking about?” CHILDREN? UNDERGROUND? 17? Yes. Then after a short period above ground they molt, mate, lay eggs and die,” We The Media’s post added.

The “underground” comment is a reference to a long held belief from QAnon that there exists a network of secret underground tunnels where children are being trafficked and abused by the satanic pedophiles they claim they will one day expose.

The post also referred to another common belief from the conspiracy theorists that Biden has been replaced with a clone or a body double wearing a mask.

“So, is Fake Joe Biden saying ‘he’ was compromised by the Q Team for crimes against children and now after this short. This is a brief summary.


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