Chuck Schumer claims that the US Capitol is ‘better prepared’ for the September 18 rally than it was for the January 6 rally.


Chuck Schumer claims that the US Capitol is ‘better prepared’ for the September 18 rally than it was for the January 6 rally.

Congressional leaders are confident that security measures put in place ahead of a protest in Washington, D.C. will leave the United States Capitol better protected than it was before the January 6 insurgency.

Former Trump aide Matt Braynard organized the “Justice for J6” rally outside the US Capitol on Saturday, and the United States Capitol Police (USCP) has sought to allay worries. The demonstration is meant to draw attention to the treatment of former President Donald Trump supporters who took part in the Capitol brawl.

Braynard asked demonstrators to remain calm in a video message sent out last week. Far-right extremist groups, on the other hand, have taken notice of the rally. According to The Associated Press, both the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers want to attend.

Some senators complained that the Capitol’s perimeter fencing, which was installed after January 6, turned the building into a fortress.

The barrier, as well as other security measures, will be reinstalled on Saturday, including the placement of temporary high-tech security cameras to provide Capitol Police a better view of the complex.

The fencing would put up “a day or two” before the rally, according to USCP Chief Tom Manger, and “if everything goes well…it will come down soon after.”

The Capitol security board has also authorized an emergency declaration permitting Capitol Police to deputize “special” Capitol Police officers from outside agencies.

In a statement, Manger stated that the freedom to peacefully protest under the First Amendment will be preserved, but that “we will execute the law and not allow violence.” The USCP added in the same statement that it had “improved training, devised a critical incident response strategy, and acquired additional equipment and technology” since January 6.

Capitol Police have been holding planning meetings for the event for the past month and are exchanging intelligence with police, law enforcement partners, and Congress.

Following a security briefing for top Democratic and Republican leaders, Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer stated, “They seemed very, very well-prepared—much better equipped than before January 6.”

“I believe they are prepared for anything may occur,” he continued.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi stated on Monday that security personnel and legislative leaders are now communicating better. This is a condensed version of the information.


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