Chris Christie says the election results are still ‘good news’ for the GOP when Trumpf loses.


Former governor of New Jersey Chris Christie has said that the recent election results bring many “good news” to Republican voters, even if President Donald Trump cannot achieve a second term in the White House.

The Republican, who appeared on ABC News on Wednesday night, cited his party’s gains in the House of Representatives and the high hopes of maintaining a majority in the Senate as proof that American voters did not reject the GOP’s policies.

He also emphasized the importance of Republican victories in the state parliamentary elections, as efforts to redivide constituencies began to emerge.

In an interview with ABC News about the state of the presidential election, Christie said: “I can tell you that from a political standpoint, the attitude in the White House tonight is insanely focused on Arizona. There they believe they can make a breakthrough and start a new conversation in the next few days.

“If they don’t do that in Arizona, then I think they know they have a real problem and that they are really, really swimming upstream. But that’s the focus right now.”

He added that there was “a lot of good news” for GOP loyalists across the country after the party increased its number in the House of Representatives and saw it maintain its majority in the Senate until Wednesday night.

“They are adding Republicans to the House of Representatives, the Republicans are keeping the Senate, we added a governorship last night… and we changed the state houses at a time when the redistricting of the districts is pending,” Christie said. “These are all good things for the Republican Party moving forward. Whatever happens with the president… there is a lot of good news for the Republican Party across the country.

He later added that the result would not be a “rejection of Republican policy” if the party won “anywhere else but at the top of the electoral list.

The former Republican governor celebrated GOP victories in key downhill elections on election night, when the party was on the verge of holding its all-important Senate majority, as the counting came to an end in three crucial contests.

Senator Thom Tillis of North Carolina had a 1-point lead over his Democratic challenger Cal Cunningham in the early hours of Thursday morning. 94 percent of the estimated votes were counted, and the race was too close to be decided.

In nearby Georgia, the incumbent GOP senator David Perdue leads Jon Ossoff by about 2.5 percentage points and more than 120,000 votes, with a similar 95 percent of votes counted in the state.

The special elections in Georgia had also been cancelled until the runoff election. Senator Kelly Loeffler and the Democrat Raphael Warnock reached the last round in the race for the second senate seat of the state.

If the Republican incumbents keep all three Senate seats and Alaskan Senator Dan Sullivan continues to dominate his fight against Democratic candidate Al Gross, the GOP’s 53-47 majority in the upper house will have dropped to only 52-48.


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