China’s state media has warned the United States that defending Taiwan would be a “death blow” to American troops.


China’s state media has warned the United States that defending Taiwan would be a “death blow” to American troops.

In the midst of rising tensions between the US and Taiwan, the Global Times, a Chinese state-run news outlet, warned that US involvement in Taiwan’s secession would be fatal for US forces.

Beijing regards Taiwan’s reunification as an important component of the country’s destiny, but many Taiwanese people demand complete autonomy. Tensions between China and Taiwan are at an all-time high, and the Pentagon, as a supporter of Taiwan, has slammed China’s attempts to “intimidate” the island through military exercises.

Tensions between China and Taiwan have sparked fears of a war breaking out, with the United States potentially being drawn into it. The editorial board of the Global Times advised the United States against becoming involved, noting in an op-ed that the United States’ commitment to Taiwan isn’t as solid as China’s.

The Global Times reported that “Washington will never battle to the death with the Chinese mainland for the island’s secession.” “We dare to battle to the death against anyone who challenges and obstructs us on these subjects.” The US has been strengthening its support for Taiwan, and a State Department spokesperson, Ned Price, stated on Tuesday that the US is dedicated to “deepening ties” with Taiwan. The United States’ relationship with Taiwan involves military and political assistance to the island. Officials have refrained from pledging assistance for Taiwan in a military battle with China, but Price stated on Tuesday that backing for the island is “rock solid.” According to the Global Times, America cannot guarantee “rock solid” backing since Taiwan is within “effective striking range” of China’s military.

“When the Chinese mainland is resolute to handle the Taiwan question,” the Global Times editorial board concluded, “[the People’s Liberation Army]is equipped and strong enough to resist outside military intrusion.” “Sending naval and air units to Taiwan to defend Taiwan would be a death blow to American troops.” Taiwan’s defense ministry warned China that if its forces pushed closer to the island, it would mount forceful countermeasures. On the mainland, immediately across from Taiwan, China has begun conducting breach landing and assault drills.

The drills were described by China as being instigated by Taiwan and “foreign forces” in an effort to frighten Taiwan, according to the Global. This is a condensed version of the information.


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