China has sent counterfeit COVID vaccination cards to four American cities.


China has sent counterfeit COVID vaccination cards to four American cities.

Four parcels containing phony COVID-19 immunization cards were intercepted by US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents in four different US cities.

According to the CBP, officers in Pittsburgh were the most recent to report the seizure of a shipment of bogus cards. The FBI stated on Wednesday that two shipments from China were discovered in Pittsburgh, containing 70 fake cards.

CBP agents intercepted the first shipment, which contained 20 bogus cards, on August 24. The CBP said in a statement that officers “found that the cards had a low-quality look and were being imported by a consignee who is not from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) or a certified medical entity.”

CBP officials put a second box of vaccination cards, comprising 50, on hold on Tuesday because it was headed to the same destination as the first. According to the CBP, both shipments were sent from China to the same “consignee” in Beaver County.

CBP inspectors operating at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport’s International Mail Facility recently confiscated a cargo from China containing 19 fraudulent immunization cards. The cards were confirmed to be false on September 7 “due to their low-quality appearance and misspelled words,” according to the CBP. The package was destined for a “Wapakoneta, Ohio household address.”

Similar seizures were made by CBP officials in Memphis, Tennessee, and Anchorage, Alaska, in August. A cargo from China containing over 3,000 counterfeit vaccination cards was discovered by CBP officials operating at a consignment facility in Anchorage. CBP officials in Memphis stated they discovered 15 shipments from China containing false cards in one night a few days prior, on August 13.

“To date this fiscal year, Memphis has made 121 seizures totalling 3,017 of these vaccination cards,” according to a CBP press statement dated August 13.

“Foreign businesses continue their attempts to sell fake versions of commodities needed for the COVID-19 response with no concern for the safety of their consumers or the general public,” a CBP representative informed this website. Thousands of counterfeit COVID-19 immunization cards have been recovered by US Customs and Border Protection in international mail and express consignment shipments at ports of entry around the United States in recent months. This is a condensed version of the information.


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