China denounces the United States’ investigation into the COVID lab leak theory as a “ridiculous conspiracy theory.”


China denounces the United States’ investigation into the COVID lab leak theory as a “ridiculous conspiracy theory.”

China has slammed the US probe into the COVID-19 lab leak allegation, calling it “stupid.”

According to an article published in The People’s Daily, the official publication of the Chinese Communist Party’s Central Committee, it is “crazy for the US to continuously hype up the ‘lab leak’ hoax.”

“This action is simply another attempt at political manipulation made under the guise of tracing the origin of the virus, and it is no different from those made during the start of the epidemic,” the piece states.

President Joe Biden issued an executive order on May 26 directing American intelligence agencies to conduct a 90-day review of “two likely scenarios” for the virus’s origins: that COVID-19 originated from animal-to-human transmission, as many scientists suspected, or that COVID-19 accidentally leaked from a Chinese lab, which China has repeatedly denied.

The new inquiry comes months after the World Health Organization announced the findings of its own study, which was conducted after a four-week journey to Wuhan, where the coronavirus was initially discovered in December 2019.

Despite a joint statement from the US and 13 other countries questioning the study’s independence from Chinese government interference, China has defended the inquiry, claiming that government personnel were cooperative in providing access to original data.

“China has long backed the World Health Organization (WHO) in its global investigation into COVID-19’s origins…. According to The People’s Daily, “a joint WHO-China investigation on COVID-19 origin-tracing came to a definitive conclusion: its introduction through a laboratory incident was assessed to be an’extremely unlikely’ pathway.”

The People’s Daily said, “The United States is attempting to reverse the outcomes of the WHO probe because it is dissatisfied with the conclusions reached by the China-WHO joint expert panel.” “In the United States’ view, the outbreak is man-made rather than natural. As a result, the US government, some US news outlets, and a few specialists are putting on this charade based on the presumption of guilt.”

China chastised the United States for its high rate of coronavirus illnesses and deaths, pointing out that some outbreaks began in the United States and arguing that a lab leak could have happened just as easily on American soil. This is a condensed version of the information.


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