Captures of Dramatic Video Before the truck explodes, police officers save a man from the flames.


Captures of Dramatic Video Before the truck explodes, police officers save a man from the flames.

Texas cops were seen rescuing a man from a burning truck moments before it exploded in dramatic video footage.

An Austin cop is seen smashing the driver’s side window of a burning grey truck before opening the door from the inside in the video. Another officer then approached the vehicle with a fire extinguisher.

Both officers can be heard telling the driver that the truck has caught fire and that he should get out immediately. When the man appears to be unresponsive, the officers rush in to grab him, yelling “pull” over and over.

Before the truck exploded and black smoke engulfed it, the two officers dragged the man away from it. Screams could be heard at the scene.

Before the video showed firefighters attempting to put out the flames, the fire grew visibly larger.

Chandler Carrera and Eddie Pineda, according to the Austin Fire Department, were the two officers involved.

Several B-shift crews were dispatched to the Enclave apartment complex in south Austin on Monday afternoon after receiving reports of a car fire with a person trapped inside, according to the fire department.

Officials said the fire broke out when the driver suffered a medical emergency while backing into a parking spot. The tires continued to spin in place, causing the fire, because the driver’s foot was still on the accelerator and he was unable to move it.

The police arrived on the scene before the fire department and responded quickly to the situation.

“Two Austin Police Department officers—Chandler Carrera and Eddie Pineda—arrived on scene just before our crews did and bravely risked their own lives to rescue the driver, smashing the window to open the door and then dragging the man from the truck to safety just before it became completely engulfed in flames,” the Austin Fire Department wrote in a Facebook post.

“We salute our brothers in blue for their heroic and selfless actions during this incident!” the department added.

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Authorities said the driver was subsequently transported to the Dell Seton Medical Center by Austin-Travis County Emergency Medical Services with serious, potentially life-threatening smoke inhalation injuries.

“The whole thing was crazy,” Tony Farmer, who. This is a brief summary.


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