Brett Hankison, police officer involved in the Breonna Taylor shooting and accused in the sexual assault trial.


Former Louisville Metro Police Detective Brett Hankison, the only officer indicted for the shooting of Breonna Taylor, is alleged to have sexually abused a woman in April 2018. This is the result of a complaint filed Tuesday in Jefferson County, Kentucky.

Louisville-based Margo Borders claims Hankison attacked her after driving her home from a local bar. According to the file, Hankinson entered Borders’ apartment and attacked her after she fell asleep on the couch.

Borders was allegedly “physically injured, mentally horrified, and found himself in a state of shock both from the attack and from the feeling that any efforts to hold Officer Hankison accountable for his actions would backfire,” the complaint said.

“Brett Hankison’s behavior was absolutely terrible,” said Border’s attorney Sam Aguiar in a statement reported on Tuesday by WDRB. “Just as terrible is the protection he enjoyed within the department. The man ruined lives for years and was never brought to justice.

Other Louisville police officers were named as defendants, including former Louisville police chief Steve Conrad. The complaint alleges that the other people knew about Hankison’s behavior but did not try to prevent it.

Washington Newsday turned to Aguilar’s office for further comment.

Borders posted about the alleged June attack on Facebook. Referring to Hankison, Borders wrote that she “never reported it for fear of retaliation.

“I had no evidence of what happened, and he had the upper hand because he was a cop,” Borders continued. “Who do you call when the person who attacked you is a police officer? Who should they believe? I knew it wouldn’t be me.”

Taylor’s shooting occurred in March when three Louisville police officers, including Hankison, entered Taylor’s apartment to serve a warrant. Taylor’s partner, Kenneth Walker, who believed a home invasion was in progress, shot the officers. The police returned fire, beating Taylor in the process.

Hankison was released by the Louisville Metro Police Department in June after he was involved in the Breonna Taylor shooting. According to Hankison’s letter of resignation from Police Chief Robert Schroeder, Hankinson “blindly” fired ten shots into Taylor’s apartment and surrounding units.

Schroeder called Hankison’s behavior a “shock of conscience” and claimed that Hankison had never been trained by Louisville police to “use deadly force in this manner.

In September, Hankison was indicted on three counts of wanton endangerment. However, no Louisville police officers were charged with Taylor’s death. According to Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron, Taylor was not hit by any of the bullets fired by Hankison. Hankison pleaded not guilty….


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