Black Californians accuse “Trump Train” of being like “Taliban had come to town”.


Residents of a California city with a non-white majority population have accused supporters of President Donald Trump of intimidation after participating in a large caravan on Sunday.

According to police, up to 350 vehicles participated in the parade, which began Sunday at Marin County Vintage Oaks Shopping Center in Novato and ended at Gateway Shopping Center in Marin City.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, local residents reported that supporters used racist language, including towards children, during the parade just days before the election.

“I am concerned about Marin City because it is the only black community in Marin and there is only one entrance and one exit,” resident Amber Allen-Peirson told The Chronicle. “Will they attack us in the future? What were they getting at? Were they trying to make a statement?”

That was today in Marin City, just north of San Francisco. They went to a high-profile black community to provoke a confrontation. I would bet that many of them are law enforcement and firefighters or are related to them. Whitesupremacists who want to make it to the 1950s AGAINST

– nate mezmer (@natemezmer) November 2, 2020

Tr$&p supporters roll into Marin City to intimidate a predominantly black community. Thank you for voting for the poll #marincitymatters #BlackLivesMatter @marinij

– Katy Foster (@kfostertweet) November 1, 2020

Several reports of a Trump 2020 rally held today in the Marin City mall parking lot on Highway 101. Residents are shocked and confused as to why Trump supporters decided to drive to Marin City, a predominantly black community, so close to election day.

– Lorenzo Morotti (@Enzomorotti) November 1, 2020

Allen-Peirson also described how he felt insecure at the sight of the so-called Trump Train, adding that it was as if “the Taliban had come to town”.

“It felt like local terrorism, especially since it was Sunday, which is a holy day for the black community,” she added. “If this is what happens on November 1, what will happen on November 3 or 4? It makes me afraid of what we can expect if we continue”.

The parade met with counterprotests, including reports of physical assaults and eggs being thrown at Trump supporters.

Sergeant Brenton Schneider of the Marin County Sheriff’s Office said they had received no reports of injuries during the parade and no arrests had been made.

“We were just doing our best to keep the peace,” Schneider told the Marin Independent Journal.

Paul Austin, also from Marin City, said he believed the city was chosen as the site for the parade because of its black community, and claimed he too had heard racist insults being hurled at residents.

“The entire Gateway Shopping Center was nothing but Trump supporters,” he said.

“There is no one who can tell me that Marin City was not targeted because we are the only diverse community in the district”.

Lisa Brayer, a resident of Mill Valley who went shopping in Marin City on Sunday, described the procession, which “consisted mainly of large trucks driven by a group of white men.

She added, “It was just like you see on the news,” she said, “It was all a big joke to her, but it was super scary. You just don’t expect to see it in Marin at all. It was horrible.”

The Marin County Sheriff’s Office was contacted for further comment.

The caravan was one of a series of “trump cards” that took place across the country over the weekend in the run-up to the elections.

Thousands of vehicles participated in parades in states such as New York, Colorado and Arizona, with videos online showing long stretches of vehicles along freeways.


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