Biden increases lead in Nevada, Trump Trails by 22,657 votes


Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden further widened the gap between him and President Donald Trump in Nevada as the state reported more on Friday on the results of further votes.

Trump’s re-election campaign filed a federal lawsuit for alleged voting irregularities in Nevada, implying that it would challenge the state’s vote-counting results.

According to CNN, Biden was ahead of Trump with a total of 22,657 votes with a total of 632,558 votes, representing Biden 49.8 percent of the estimated vote count in Nevada. Trump won 609,901 votes in Nevada, giving him 48 percent of the estimated votes. Approximately 7 percent of the Nevada vote remains to be counted.

CNN projections show that Biden is ahead in the polls with 253 to Trump’s 213 votes. Nevada has 6 votes. A total of 270 votes are required for a candidate to win the presidency. However, both Fox News and Associated Press have predicted that Biden will win the state of Arizona, which would increase Biden’s lead by 11 votes.

On Thursday, the Trump campaign claimed that thousands of illegal votes had been counted in Clark County, Nevada, and would file a federal lawsuit demanding that the counting of postal votes be stopped. The former Attorney General of Nevada, Adam Laxalt, claimed that up to 10,000 people fraudulently cast their ballots, including Clark County residents who left the area during the COVID 19 pandemic.

Laxalt also claimed that “there have been dead voters who have been counted.

At the same event, Ric Grenell, former director of the National Intelligence Agency, said that observers were not allowed to check the ballot boxes. According to Grenell, Clark County officials violated a state law that makes it illegal to vote in Nevada if you have not been in the state for 30 days.

“All your questions about the details are legitimate questions, and now they don’t want us to check these ballots, and we’re seeing discrepancies everywhere,” Grenell said. “We are asking Clark County officials to give us answers.”

Washington Newsday asked Clark County officials to comment.

Trump has filed lawsuits in several states where the ballot count is still taking place, alleging that fraudulent behavior may have led to his downfall in the polls.

“I had such a big lead in all these states until late into election night, only to miraculously see it disappear as the days went by,” Trump tweeted on Friday. “Maybe these clues will return as our lawsuits progress!


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