Biden Harris shirts, caps and other merchandise items you can buy to celebrate your election victory over the trump.


Biden Harris Merch was used to show support for President-Elect Joe Biden and President-Elect Kamala Harris in the run-up to the election. But now there is plenty of merchandise to buy to celebrate their victory over President Donald Trump.

From official merchandise from the Joe Biden store to third-party vendors at Zazzle and Etsy, there are plenty of new t-shirts, caps and more to buy to celebrate the Biden-Harris victory.

Whether you want to celebrate Biden’s victory with an “A Presidency For All Americans” or Trump’s loss with a “No, Mr. President”. YOU are fired” sweatshirt, there are so many options.

Official Joe Biden Merch Store

The official Joe Biden merchandise store has been releasing new merchandise since the President-Elect’s victory, including a “Victory Fist Bump” t-shirt with a picture of Biden and Harris at the victory celebration that sells for $30.

Another t-shirt design, available in navy and white, is called “A Presidency for All Americans” and sells for $35. Other items include a cap that reads “No. 46,” which sells for $30, and a face mask that reads “Unit,” which sells for $35.

Zazzle Biden Harris Merch

Zazzle sells a lot of merchandise that is perfect to celebrate the Biden Harris victory.

There are t-shirts featuring Biden and Harris’ outstanding moments from the presidential debates, such as this t-shirt that says, “Will you shut up, man?” that sells for $22.95 and this “I speak” t-shirt that sells for $25.65.

Another t-shirt features the words “Hope, light, love” over Biden’s classic fliers for $33.50, while another t-shirt features “Bye Don” in the style of the Biden Harris logo for $26.50.

Etsy Biden Harris Merch

After Biden’s victory, the vendors quickly came up with creative merchandising ideas, including a white sweatshirt that said, “No, Mr. President. YOU’RE FIRED”, and a gray sweatshirt that reads, “No, Mr. President: Kamala, Michelle, Elizabeth and Ruth,” after Harris, Michelle Obama, Elizabeth Warren and Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Other Biden Harris items available from Etsy include this college-style sweatshirt and a Biden Harris Barbie-style T-shirt.

Although the election is now over and there are just over two potentially turbulent months left until Biden’s inauguration on January 20, 2021, Biden Harris fans may want to wear a new t-shirt or baseball cap to show their continued support for the president-elect and vice president-elect.

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