Biden Campaign says the Trump lawsuit is “ridiculous without merit.


Bob Bauer, a campaign consultant for Joe Biden, has said a lawsuit by President Donald Trump’s team challenging the 2020 election results is “ridiculously undeserved.

In a speech in the early hours of Wednesday morning, Trump falsely claimed that he had already won the election, even though no news organization announced an election winner.

He also called for the counting of ballots to be stopped before many millions of votes had been counted, claiming without reason that fraud had taken place and vowing to make a legal challenge.

“We will go to the U.S. Supreme Court,” he said, without explaining exactly why. “We want all the votes to be stopped,” he added, even though the votes had been stopped hours earlier and only counts were taking place.

Asked about a possible legal challenge, Bauer, who served as a White House adviser in Barack Obama’s administration and is leading the Biden campaign’s election protection efforts, said during a meeting on Wednesday that he was “not concerned about this.

He also noted that the president could not go directly to the high court with a fraud suit and would have to take his suit through the lower courts first.

“Can President Trump go to the Supreme Court?” Bauer said. “Well, of course a lawsuit could be filed, whatever theory he comes up with, and we’ve had a taste of what that might be. And he will lose, and that will be appealed, and then he will lose again at the appellate level, and he will appeal and try to get the Supreme Court to hear his case.

He added that although he did not know what this case would look like, it was “impossible to imagine that he would have any advantage”.

“In fact, he is, I must say, ridiculously unworthy,” he said. “But if they want to bring something before the Supreme Court one way or another, they can probably do so, we are not worried about that.

He added that Biden will “win the election” and his team will work to defend it. “So all we have to do is protect the rights of voters and stand up for the democratic process,” he said.

“If it is attacked, as the president suggests, we will successfully fend off this attack. So that is our mission. Its mission is to attack the democratic process, and our obligation is to defend it successfully”.

In a statement, Biden’s campaign manager, Jen O’Malley Dillon, said that the President’s attempt “to shut down the counting of properly cast ballots was outrageous, unprecedented and incorrect.

This was also criticized by some of the president’s allies, including former Republican governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie.

But the Republican incumbent doubled his unsubstantiated allegations of election fraud on Wednesday in a series of tweets immediately reported by Twitter for containing controversial or misleading information.

Meanwhile, Edward Foley, professor of electoral law at Ohio State University, twittered: “The valid votes are counted. SCOTUS would only be involved if there were votes of questionable validity that would make a difference, which may not be the case.

“The rule of law will determine the official winner of the referendum in each state. Let the rule of law work”.


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