Bernie Sanders’ election prediction on Jimmy Fallon becomes viral: “He called it word for word”.


Bernie Sanders’ election prediction spread after a reappeared clip in which the Senator from Vermont speculates on postal votes and how President Donald Trump would react to the results.

Sanders expressed himself in an interview with Jimmy Fallon on October 23, in which he predicted that Trump would announce victory before all the votes had been counted.

Twitter user @hannahhycho originally wrote a clip of Sanders on Twitter: “I’m thinking about this video in which Bernie Sanders talks about mail-in votes.

The clip was viewed more than 9 million times on Twitter and shared by @onikasgivenchy, who collected more than 300,000 likes and 150,000 retweets for a post with this content: “Man… he called it word for word.”

Writer and activist Shaun King later shared the clip on Twitter: “Bernie Sanders is a prophet.

Bernie Sanders is a prophet.

– Shaun King (@shaunking) November 4, 2020

Early on Wednesday morning, Trump said, “We’re going to win this, and as far as I’m concerned, we’ve already won it.

During the October interview, Sanders told Fallon, “I suspect you will have a situation in states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and others where they will receive huge amounts of postal votes.

“They are not able to process these ballots until election day or maybe until the end of the election period for bad reasons. This means that there will be states that will perhaps process millions of postal ballots.

In swing states such as Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan and Georgia, officials began counting thousands of postal ballots on November 4.

Sanders continued: “Democrats tend to use postal ballots, Republicans tend to go to polling booths on election day. It is likely that the first votes to be counted will be the people who walked in on election day.

“It could well be […] that at 10 o’clock on election night Trump wins in Michigan, he wins in Pennsylvania, he wins in Wisconsin, and he comes on television and says, ‘Thank you, Americans, for re-electing me. It’s all over. I wish you a very good day.

“But then the next day and the day after that, all these ballots are counted and it turns out that Biden won those states. At this point Trump says, ‘You see? I told you the whole thing was a fraud. I told you that those ballots were fake. And, you know, we’re not leaving office.'”

The Joe Biden campaign encouraged supporters to vote early and by mail, while Trump spent much of his campaign falsely claiming that mail ballots could lead to vote fraud.

In the early morning hours of November 4, Trump hastily claimed that he had already won the election, claiming that a “major fraud” was being committed and that he was on his way to the Supreme Court. Joe Biden’s team of lawyers responded by declaring that they were ready for any legal battles that lay ahead.

On October 19, Sanders and senior Democrats led by Senator Chuck Schumer released a report predicting Trump’s reaction. The report said the president could “claim victory and then falsely claim that there is ‘massive fraud’ in the postal ballot that has not yet been counted or reported.

As for Sanders’ prediction that Biden can tell from the ballots that Biden has made statements that Trump has already claimed victory – the final result may not be known for several days.


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