Before shaving her head, Jada Pinkett Smith battled hair loss.


Before shaving her head, Jada Pinkett Smith battled hair loss.

On Monday, Jada Pinkett Smith uploaded a selfie of herself with a shaven head on Instagram, revealing a drastic metamorphosis.

The actress, 49, explained her reasoning for the buzz cut by reposting an image originally shared by her daughter, Willow, who was also shown with a new buzz cut.

“Willow made me do it because it was time to let go BUT… my 50’s are about to be Divinely lighted with this shed,” Red Table Talk host Pinkett Smith stated.

Willow, for one, let the photo speak for itself, writing in the caption, “A gift is pure when it is given from the heart to the right person at the right time and in the right location, and when we demand nothing in return.”

While Pinkett Smith’s new look may appear to some fans to be out of the blue, the actress, who is married to Hollywood actor Will Smith, has previously admitted to having hair loss in recent years.

Pinkett Smith described why she had started covering her hair on a May 2018 episode of Red Table Talk, which she co-hosts with Willow Smith and her mother, Adrienne Banfield-Norris.

According to the BBC, she stated at the time, “I’ve been getting a lot of queries about why I’ve been wearing this turban.” “Well, I’ve been having hair loss concerns. When it initially started, it was terrifying.”

Pinkett Smith said at the time that she thought her hair loss was due to stress, but she also mentioned shedding “handfuls of hair” in the shower.

“I was thinking, ‘Oh my gosh, am I going bald?’” she says. She described it as “one of those occasions in my life when I was genuinely shaking with panic.” “That is why I chopped and continue to trim my hair.”

Pinkett Smith, who is also the mother of actor and musician Jaden Smith, eventually discovered that having a different viewpoint helped her deal with the effects of alopecia.

“There are people out here with cancer and sick children… Every day, I witness the higher power take things,” she explained. “When I looked at it that way, it made me feel better.”

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