At Town Hall, Laura Ingraham mocks Joe Biden’s stutter, saying, “I’m going to get myself in trouble.”


At Town Hall, Laura Ingraham mocks Joe Biden’s stutter, saying, “I’m going to get myself in trouble.”

Laura Ingraham, a Fox News presenter, attacked President Joe Biden’s delivery during his Town Hall on Wednesday, warning viewers, “I’m going to get in trouble for this.”

She addressed CNN anchor Raymond Arroyo about the president’s performance during a piece about the CNN event in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Biden “told old anecdotes” and “trotted out a lot of those old campaign lines,” according to Arroyo, who concluded that the president “made no news…but did leave an impact.”

The network next aired a clip that was manipulated to emphasize Biden’s slow and stuttering responses to a series of queries.

Arroyo remarked after the montage that “this was a fiasco,” focusing his criticism on Biden’s use of campaign themes “that he had rehearsed over 48 years” and then “dumping them on Don Lemon,” referring to the CNN anchor who hosted the event.

Laura Ingraham makes fun of Joe Biden’s stuttering photo.

July 22, 2021 — nikki mccann ramrez (@NikkiMcR)

The host of The Ingraham Angle, on the other hand, took a different approach, adding, “He did like to say a lot,’seriously, I’m serious,'” before imitating a stutter. “These are small crutches,” Arroyo said, “when he can’t fully recall or has difficulties.”

Before adding, Ingraham continued to speak, stumbling on the word “look.” “Raymond, I’m going to get myself in a lot of trouble here.”

Following that, the two talked about the new Biden animatronic at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, which will reopen next month.

Ingraham began the discussion by drawing parallels between Biden’s Town Hall presentation and his digitized equivalent at the Hall of Presidents attraction.

Media Matters for America’s Nikki McCann Ramirez tweeted a clip of the exchange on Twitter, creating a thread in which users chastised Ingraham.

“Dear @FoxNewsPR having @IngrahamAngle ridicule stuttering on @FoxNews is horrible on so many levels,” David Limbaugh wrote. My aunt had a habit of stuttering. I have a few buddies who stutter.”

“It would be dreadful if she were to suffer a crippling stroke and become unable to speak or move,” another person remarked. However, she might learn a thing or two about surviving adversity.” Fox News has been approached for comment by this publication.

Since then, Biden has been outspoken about his stammer. This is a condensed version of the information.


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