At $445 per person, a foodie shares the menu for the world’s most expensive dinner.


At $445 per person, a foodie shares the menu for the world’s most expensive dinner.

As she dined in Las Vegas, a gourmet revealed what’s on the menu at the “most expensive supper in the world,” which cost about $500 per person.

Lors posts food to her TikTok account on a regular basis, but it was a high-end supper at the MGM Grand in Sin City that went viral, earning 1.8 million likes.

Lors, who claims to be from Los Angeles on her Instagram page, went to the Jol Robuchon restaurant, which is named after the late chef.

The 21-year-old filmed every meal she was served and captioned the video, which has nearly 8 million views: “At Jol Robuchon, $445 per person.”

“Most expensive supper in the world,” she added in the video, which you can watch here. “The complete course experience.” She shot the lengthy and stunning menu in July, which includes a variety of amuse-bouches as well as some larger courses.

Foie gras, caviar, lobster, frogs legs, and squid ink were among the items served. But first, there’s bread. As Lors filmed a “bread cart” that was pushed around, no lunch would be complete without the carb-filled staple.

It was stacked high with a variety of baked goods, including baguettes and croissants. Before the beginning arrived, Lors selected a selection, which included a cheese brioche.

“Ossetra caviar atop king crab presented in a crustacean gelée studded with cauliflower purée,” she explained. “This is art,” says the narrator.

The meal, dubbed le caviar imperial, is listed among the website’s “menu highlights.”


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“Artichoke with foie gras salad and parmesan shaves,” Lors presented as the first course. Maine lobster served with turnips and a sweet and sour sauce. Lemon virgin olive oil invigorates tomato candies.”

“I don’t like tomatoes,” she explained as she gave the latter a seven out of ten.

The second course was “Frog leg fritters with garlic purée and parsley coulis,” which was followed by “Frog leg fritters with garlic purée and parsley coulis.” Cumin and rice ginger espuma with eggplant velouté Green zucchini sautéed with curry and chorizo.”

She gushed about it. This is a condensed version of the information.


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