At 2 a.m., a hungry bear snaps the door in half and enters the home of a Californian mother.


At 2 a.m., a hungry bear snaps the door in half and enters the home of a Californian mother.

At 2 a.m., a “hungry” bear broke into a Californian mother’s home by shattering a door in half with its immense strength.

The startling moment the giant beast wanders into the property in South Lake Tahoe was filmed by cameras within the house. Fortunately, the mother, who goes by the name Venus on TikTok, and her family had been evacuated owing to the Caldor wildfire raging through the area.

Last week, she posted video of the surprise visitor to social media, writing, “A bear burst into my house at 2 a.m., shattered our door in two.” We were evacuated because of a wildfire.”

The bear wrenches the door open, nonchalantly pushing away the debris with its paw as it sniffs about the house, and the clip shows the crunch of the door breaking in half. On Tuesday, a second segment of the bear break-in was revealed, in which the bear pauses in the lounge glancing about the room before proceeding to the kitchen to sniff several cabinets.

Both clips have received over 130,000 views combined, with the original available here. The enormous bear is seen meandering about the home before walking outside and passing children’s bicycles in the sequel.

Venus reported in the comments area of both videos that the bear was “hungry” and had been hunting for food. She confirmed that the bear ate her children’s snacks, claiming that he ate “all my kids’ goodies that were in the pantry.”

Several people have questioned her about what happened after they saw the break-in on film, and she has responded: “Hubby had to drive up from where we were evacuated and secure our property while we waited for a new door.”

“Our property management just installed an identical door with a metal screen on,” she said, adding that it was eventually mended.

“They only get this brave when they are desperate,” Jtbobby wrote in response to one of the clips. “What a pity.”

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“Imagine explaining that to your insurance company if you didn’t have the video footage,” Cj laughed.

“He’s simply taking a final sweep to make sure you’re all there,” MakeupManndy said. This is a condensed version of the information.


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