As the Delta Variant Spikes, about 100,000 vaccine doses in South Carolina may expire by the fall.


As the Delta Variant Spikes, about 100,000 vaccine doses in South Carolina may expire by the fall.

Despite an increase in COVID-19 cases, a South Carolina health organization is on the verge of having to dispose of life-saving vaccines in the coming months.

If vaccines aren’t given out, about 100,000 doses will expire by the fall.

During a media call on July 28, Dr. Rick Scott, chairman of Prisma Health’s vaccination task force, said, “We’re hoping to use up that supply rather than see that happen.” “We wish there was more demand.”

Prisma Health is South Carolina’s largest non-profit health organization. Prisma Health was formed in 2017 after Palmetto Health and Greenville Health System amalgamated.

COVID-19 has over 1,500 suspected and confirmed cases as of July 23, according to the latest data. In South Carolina, nearly 1,200 new cases are reported every seven days. Dr. Helmut Albrecht noted on the same conversation that the Delta variation is responsible for nearly all new cases in South Carolina.

“Every week, the Delta variant transmission rate doubles,” Albrecht said. “The respiratory virus variation was found in all of the more than 50 viruses sequenced at the University of South Carolina School of Pharmacy this month, as well as the vast majority of those admitted to hospitals across the state.”

He also discussed the unvaccinated population and how the newly-mutated strain is mostly affecting them.

“The unvaccinated group accounts for almost all hospitalizations and deaths,” Albrecht added. “However, the Delta variation not only generates more vaccine breakthroughs, which are normally mild to moderate, but it can also release enough virus in vaccinated people to cause symptomatic illness, which means that sneezing or coughing can disseminate this. This is extremely obvious.”

Albrecht continued, “We ask people to wear masks not to protect themselves, but to protect others.”

Prisma Health has treated over 100 individuals with COVID-19 as of Wednesday. The majority of these people have never been vaccinated. COVID-19 has been treated by Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System on 46 individuals. 43 of the patients had never been immunized.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced on July 14 that all Americans, including those who have been vaccinated, should continue to use masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Dr. Robert R. Redfield, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, stated, “We are not vulnerable against COVID-19.” “One of the most effective face covers is cloth. This is a condensed version of the information.


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