As recall efforts move forward, Gavin Newsom loses ground in the latest poll.


As recall efforts move forward, Gavin Newsom loses ground in the latest poll.

According to a new survey released on Wednesday, an increasing percentage of Californians intend to vote to remove Governor Gavin Newsom from office before his term ends.

During the recall election, which is slated on September 14, voters will make their decision. If more than half of voters choose to remove Newsom from office, the recall candidate who obtains the most votes will succeed him.

While past surveys revealed that a consistent 36 percent of California registered voters supported removing Newsom from office, the current poll from Inside California Politics and Emerson College found the number has now risen to 43 percent.

In polls done by the Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies and SurveyUSA between late January and early May, the previous 36 percent remained unchanged. According to the polls, between 45 percent and 49 percent of respondents said they wanted Newsom to finish his term in office. Undecided voters accounted for between 15% and 19% of those surveyed.

Despite an increase in support for recalling Newsom in the current poll, 48 percent of respondents said they want him to stay in office, which is consistent with previous polling. The remaining 9% of those polled stated that they were undecided.

A majority of voters claimed they will not vote for Newsom for a second term in office if the recall is defeated.

In addition to evaluating support for the recall campaign, voters were polled about Newsom’s performance on a number of subjects that are important to Californians. In the poll, Newsom received a 49 percent approval rating, while less than half of respondents thought he handled the COVID-19 pandemic “excellently” or “well.” More over half of voters said he was doing a “poor” job addressing homelessness in California, and 36% said he was doing a “poor” job managing the state’s wildfire response.

As the recall attempt gathered traction, California’s continued experiences with the pandemic, homelessness, and wildfires were vehemently disputed among Newsom’s recall challengers. After validating the recall, organizers submitted the required number of valid signatures in support. This is a condensed version of the information.


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