As he grabs his pets and flees, a man captures the moment his building catches fire.


As he grabs his pets and flees, a man captures the moment his building catches fire.

A man has released terrifying footage of the moment he noticed his apartment building was on fire and had to flee with his dogs.

The resident, who goes by the handle Somethincreepy on TikTok, posted a video to the site on Saturday that has been viewed 1.5 million times, catching the exact moment he smelled smoke.

“That one time I observed my previous flat starting to catch on fire,” the 26-year-old added an on-screen caption to the footage, which can be watched here.

He gets up and looks out the window of his 200 square foot studio apartment, and the text says “smells smoke.” He gets dressed and puts his dog on a leash before placing his cat in a container, later stating that the pets were his “first priority.”

“I looked out the window and saw a bunch of flames climbing up the building,” the video begins. I began to fear, but quickly dressed and gathered my animals.

“When I glanced again, the flames had grown in size by a factor of two. My cat smelled the smoke and ran away, but I soon recovered him and we were able to get out.

“People on the street began yelling at us to exit the building. When I returned after taking my animals to safety, I noticed embers on my screen, so I closed the window.” Voices can be heard in the background of the video informing individuals that their building is on fire and that they must leave quickly.

“Even with the blasts, none of the fire alarms were going off, which irritated the firefighters. All of my neighbors and their pets dashed to the street. “People, double-check your smoke detectors,” the video continued.


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Loud noises can be heard in the video, which the pet owner, who tucked his laptop into a pillowcase to take with him, subsequently confirmed were from a truck, but it’s unclear if they were related to the building fire.

According to the timestamp, the disturbing video was shot in March, but the resident, whose bio states he resides in Hollywood, only published it this week as a. This is a condensed version of the information.


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