Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson claims that the state’s conservative leanings are to blame for the low vaccination rate.


Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson claims that the state’s conservative leanings are to blame for the low vaccination rate.

Arkansas Republican Governor Asa Hutchinson blamed lower COVID-19 vaccination rates on the state’s conservative leanings, calling it “disappointing” that politics plays a part in whether or not individuals are vaccinated.

Hutchinson argued that Arkansas’ conservative attitudes can explain the state’s low vaccination rates during an interview on the show Full Court Press With Greta Van Susteren, which will air on Sunday.

“What is the reason for our poor immunization rate? We live in a rural state. We’re up against a lot of opposition. It’s a staunchly conservative state. “Sometimes conservatives are wary of the government, and we just have to overcome that by providing better information and increasing confidence,” Hutchinson said during the interview.

“I’ve learned that what matters is what your trusted advisor, your medical doctor, or someone else you trust tells you, not what the government tells you. And that’s the most effective way to persuade people to change their minds,” he continued.

Hutchinson went on to say that while it would be incorrect to say that all Republican voters or supporters of former President Donald Trump refuse to obtain the coronavirus vaccine, the politics surrounding vaccine skepticism are “disappointing.”

“It [the vaccination]was given to Trump. And I voted for Trump and received the vaccine. In Arkansas, Trump receives 65 percent or more of the vote, and tens of thousands of people have been vaccinated. As a result, you can’t generalize about sentiments on that,” he explained.

However, the Republican governor stated that those who choose not to be vaccinated due to misinformation or conspiracy theories have a “valid worry.”

“If someone refuses to get vaccinated because they believe in conspiracy theories, or they’re stubborn, or they don’t trust the government, there’s a real concern and criticism. Please, don’t make me laugh. “Do more research,” he said. “But you have to appreciate that some people have damaged health and don’t want to get it for a variety of reasons, including allergies. Those are things they need to discuss with their doctor.”

Arkansas has only fully immunized 35.9% of its population, according to Mayo Clinic data, making it one of the least vaccinated states, along with Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama.

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