Antifa shout “F*** Trump, F*** Biden” as they march through the streets of Washington, D.C. on election night


Videos circulating in the social media early Wednesday morning showed a large number of antifa and Black Lives Matter demonstrators marching in the streets near the White House and saying “F*** Trump! F*** Trump! Biden!”

With the outcome of the election between President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden still unclear, videos showed that the demonstrators taking to the streets on election night in Washington, D.C., reportedly chanted “no more presidents.

Some videos showed demonstrators setting off fireworks in the streets of the U.S. capital. Another video showed demonstrators cursing the police patrol cars driving through the area.

DC: The Antifa has mobilized in very large numbers, and they are marching to an unknown place

Let’s go.

– ELIJAH CREATOR (@Elijah CREATOR) November 4, 2020

DC: âF*ck trump. F*ck Biden. No more presidents ?

About 150 black blocks of the Antifa march through the streets under the leadership of an umbrella troop

They have gas masks, weapons and some have shields

– ELIJAH CREATOR (@Elijah CREATOR) November 4, 2020

Elijah Schaffer, a Blaze TV reporter, showed a video on Twitter showing people dressed in black marching in the streets chanting “F*** Trump!” and shouting “F*** Trump!” and “F*** Biden! Some carried a large banner that read “F*** Trump! “Burn down the American plantation.”

“The antifa has mobilized in very large numbers, and they are marching to an unknown place,” Schaffer wrote in a tweet late Tuesday night, adding that they were wearing gas masks while some were carrying weapons and shields.

Antifa, short for antifascist, is an umbrella term that refers to members of left-wing militant groups who oppose neo-Nazis and white racists.

Schaffer said that “about 150 black-block antifa” marched to the White House. In anticipation of the violence on election night, an anti-climbing fence had been erected around the building in the past few days.

There, Schaffer said, some stopped to burn an American flag, but they “failed to completely ignite it.

“They stopped first to burn an American flag, but did not completely ignite it and threw it out of the way,” he wrote, “They are trying to throw out the press, but there are too many cameras in use.

close-call with #antifa security when they chased me out of the protest and threatened me several times. #BlackLivesMatter #electionnight

– eric (@justericthomas) November 4, 2020

That was after #antifa knocked the phone out of my hand and this madman then decided to turn his attention to other journalists. #blacklivesmatter #ElectionDay2020

– eric (@justericthomas) November 4, 2020

Another video circulating in social media shows a man in a black balaclava asking the recording person to “stop filming” before apparently knocking the camera out of his hand. “Go away or it will get worse,” you hear a man’s voice saying.

“Tight discussion with #antifa security while they chase me out of protest and threaten me several times,” the person who tweeted the video wrote next to it.

A video posted shortly after shows how the same man apparently intimidates the person filming. “Give me an excuse,” you hear him say.

“That was after #antifa knocked the phone out of my hand. This madman then decided to turn his attention to other journalists,” wrote the Twitter user.

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#FTP #fuckthepolice #fuck12

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Washington Newsday reported earlier that there were calls for anti-fascist activists to take to the streets after the election.

The protest in the capital was apparently made public by a number of groups in social media. An Instagram article by They/Them Collective, a Washington-based group that calls itself an “anarchist abolitionist collective house,” called for people to meet outside the fourth district of the Metropolitan Police Department at 2:30 a.m. on Wednesday.

“No more presidents,” the post said. “Because no matter who is in office, black-brown and indigenous people die at the hands of the police and ICE.

The Metropolitan Police Department has been asked to comment….


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