Anthony Scaramucci says that the GOP will help to outperform the results of “Power No Matter”.


President Donald Trump must “avoid prosecution” by winning a second term, and the “morally bankrupt” Republican Party will stop at nothing to help him cheat to win, former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci said in an interview published Monday.

Scaramucci, a lifelong Republican, is only the youngest former member of the Trump administration, who says Trump’s fragile ego and constant comparisons of himself to former President Barack Obama will stop at nothing to help him win election day. Scaramucci told Raw Story that if Trump lost, he would not have to be forcibly removed from office because he was “too much of a coward” to fight against strong-willed people. But on the other hand, he said, weak-willed GOP figures, including Attorney General Bill Barr, will certainly help him in the coming days to “cheat and suppress votes.

“The Department of Justice and the Supreme Court are like a poisonous snake waiting to steal the election. In places like Minnesota and Pennsylvania, we’ve already seen the groundwork being laid for challenging postal ballots,” Scaramucci said about Trump’s plan to steal the 2020 election.

Scaramucci said he had only seen Trump apologize twice in his life: Once to First Lady Melania after the release of “Grab her on the p***y Access Hollywood Tape” in 2016, and the second was to the real family ancestors of Pocahontas for mockingly associating her with Senator Elizabeth Warren.

“He does not like to lose. He compares himself to other people, especially President Obama, and if he loses, it is a personal failure,” Scaramucci said in Raw Story. “Second, he wants to avoid prosecution for his many high crimes. I don’t think he ever wanted or expected to win in the first place. His 2016 campaign was a sophisticated branding exercise for the Trump organization.

Trump and his campaign staff first came up with the idea of using unfounded allegations of voter fraud and falsified ballots in 2016, Scaramucci said. And now he has “repackaged” this plan for 2020 should he lose November 3. Scaramucci, who was Trump’s communications chief for only 10 days in 2017, said Trump was puking up the election-undermining tactics again to protect his bets and protect his “deep narcissism and insecurity” as a person.

Last month at a Trump rally in Muskegon, Michigan, chants of “12 more years” and “Party of Trump” were heard. The president himself giggled after saying, “We’ll be here for four years, and then if we decide to go for another four or eight years or so.

But Scaramucci predicted earlier that Trump would be “very hard to beat” in 2020. In several interviews, he predicted a thriving U.S. economy in 2019, and Trump’s disgruntled core voters would sway the election in his favor. But this was before the coronavirus pandemic hit America.

“People who hate themselves are ultimately self-destructive. If things go well for them, they find ways to sabotage themselves,” he concluded, “I think if he had opened the tent and been a more inclusive leader, he could have won despite the pandemic.

Should Biden win on Tuesday, Scaramucci bluntly described how Trump will certainly not help him in a “peaceful transition” from this month to January 20, 2021. Former national security adviser John Bolton said last month that Trump and his Republican allies could “try anything” to stay in power.

Washington Newsday turned to the White House and the Republican National Committee Monday morning to ask for a response.


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