Angry opponents are threatening to recall school board members who supported COVID restrictions.


Angry opponents are threatening to recall school board members who supported COVID restrictions.

According to the Associated Press, school board members around the United States are facing recalls after supporting mask mandates in schools while being called “Nazis” and “child abusers,” among other things.

Multiple members of the same school board have been recalled in various situations, usually because of mask mandates or COVID-related school closures.

Parents in Colorado’s Boulder Valley School District have begun a recall campaign against three school board members who supported a mask mandate, with a deadline of late November to collect enough signatures.

For advocating masks in schools, Kathy Gebhardt, a board member and mother of five, has been labeled a Nazi, a child abuser, and a “eugenicist technocrat.”

Gebhardt said she used to like the variety of school board contests “One place where we could still expect to be bipartisan and have discussions about what individuals thought was in the best interests of students. Those days are over, at least for the time being.” A group in California attempted to recall a whole school board, but they were unable to gather enough signatures.

San Juan School District board president Paula Villescaz said the situation had become so dangerous that she had installed lights and cameras around her home for her own safety.

“I don’t enjoy feeling as if someone is after me. I’d rather keep the connection open to keep our people secure “Villescaz remarked.

Amy Sudbeck, a school board member for the 635-student Nemaha Central district in Kansas, was targeted for recall after voting with the majority of the board to maintain the school’s mask mandate in place until the end of the previous school year. Sudbeck, a nurse, was appointed to the board in 2020 and was up for reelection even before the recall. She’s up against one of the organizers of her recall campaign, which began with only eight signatures.

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When a group opposed to a mask mandate that had previously expired secured enough signatures to trigger a recall vote against the mayor who enforced it, hospitals in Missouri were swamped with COVID-19 patients last summer.

The question of Mayor Brian Steele is now on the ballot in the little city of Nixa on Tuesday. Meanwhile, voters in Kansas will make a decision. This is a condensed version of the information.


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