An older man from Ohio says he was thrown out of it because of the Joe Biden sign “Living Daylights”.


An older man from Ohio said he was attacked in his home because he had put up a Joe Biden sign in his backyard.

“I had a man come in here and kicked the daylight out of me,” 84-year-old Bruce Barrick told a 911 dispatcher, said.

When the dispatcher asked if Barrick wanted the paramedics to respond, he replied, “Well, no, I think I’m okay, but hey, the guy’s an idiot!

“Do you know what it was about, why he did it?” asked the dispatcher. “Well, it was about a political sign,” Barrick replied. “Oh my goodness,” replied the Dispatcher.

According to a Coshocton County Sheriff’s Office report seen on, a deputy sheriff was sent to Barrick’s home on Zero Street in Coshocton on October 22.

Deputy Sheriff Tyler Mann wrote in the report that upon arrival he observed Barrick bleeding on the top of his right hand and the left side of his face.

Barrick told the officer that an acquaintance, 69-year-old Melvin Wallace, had come by a few days earlier and asked him why he had a Biden sign in his front yard.

Barrick said Wallace got angry so the 84-year-old closed the door and told him to leave, the officer wrote in the report.

Wallace reappeared at his home on October 22, Barrick said, and approached him as he got out of his car. Barrick said that he again told Wallace to leave and that he had been attacked.

A neighbor who witnessed the confrontation told police that Wallace “hit and kicked” Barrick, Mann noted in his report. Barrick was later transported to the hospital after Mann asked the emergency services to respond at the scene.

The report added that when the officer later spoke to Wallace about the encounter, he admitted that he had visited Barrick before the day of the alleged attack.

He told Mann that he was angry about the way he had been treated during an earlier visit. He said he remained upset for several days and decided to return to Barrick’s house.

Wallace said when he was told to leave, “he became angry and the two of them got into an argument,” the report said.

When the officer asked about Barrick’s injuries, Wallace first said that they may have been caused by Barrick’s glasses. He later admitted that they may have been inflicted during the alleged attack, the report added. He also noted that when asked, Wallace said he had not been injured in the incident.

After this conversation, the officer said Wallace had sent him a statement pleading self-defense. “At no point during our conversation the day before did Melvin ever mention being touched and/or attacked by Mr. Barrick,” Mann said.

The sheriff’s office has charged Wallace of West Lafayette, Ohio, with assault and battery, a first-degree felony. His next trial is scheduled for November 18.


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