An emotional video of a man reuniting with his Alzheimer’s-affected wife has gone viral.


An emotional video of a man reuniting with his Alzheimer’s-affected wife has gone viral.

Families who had been separated due to COVID-19 restrictions have been reunited as the limitations have been eased across the United States. It’s all the more special for one couple who has been married for over 60 years to be reunited safely.

Over a million people have seen a TikTok movie depicting the moment a man and his wife living with Alzheimer’s disease in a special care facility met.

On Monday, Alicia Barber, also known as @aliciajbarber1 on TikTok, uploaded poignant footage of her grandparents reconciling to the video sharing website. The video begins with a scene from the beginning of the epidemic, when her grandfather Robert was unable to visit Lauren, his 62-year-old wife, at the nursing home.

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Lauren pleads with Robert via the first-floor window, frightened by the March 2020 instructions that forbade outside guests from entering the institution.

Robert responds, “I’d like to be with you as well.” “However, due to the disease, we are unable to do so.”

The film then pans to her grandparents, who have both been completely vaccinated against COVID-19, reuniting inside the nursing facility.

“My grandparents were kept apart for over a year because of the pandemic,” Alicia writes in text overlay on the video. “But they’ve recently been able to start seeing each other again.”

The couple happily kisses as Alicia notes, “[My grandmother] has severe dementia, but still recognizes the love of her life.”

“How are you, baby?” her grandmother asks Robert.

“I’m OK,” he says, squeezing her hand tightly. “How [are]you doing?”

“I’m good,” Lauren says. “I love having you.”

“Well, I love to come and see you,” Alicia’s grandfather says, now using both hands to affectionately hold his wife’s hand.

“It’s really nice for you to come over. You’re wonderful,” Lauren adds.

Alicia explained to Washington Newsday that though the two were able to see each other during “a handful of mostly outdoor distanced visits,” they were overjoyed to be reunited once. This is a brief summary.


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