An emergency landing is required due to a brawl and an exploding cell phone on a flight.


An emergency landing is required due to a brawl and an exploding cell phone on a flight.

When a brawl broke out in the air on Wednesday, a phone reportedly “exploded,” forcing a Southwest Airlines flight to make an emergency landing. It’s the latest in a long line of passenger-related mishaps on Southwest flights this year.

On Wednesday, an aircraft from Dallas to Fort Lauderdale was diverted to Pensacola, Florida, to allow two passengers, an unnamed man and a lady traveling together, to disembark. At this moment, it is uncertain what sparked the brawl.

According to reports, the woman began striking the man with her cellphone. The phone began to smoke as the woman was striking him, according to a witness who contacted Local 10 News.

Passenger Katie Engleson claimed, “She was pounding him with the phone and the phone exploded and caught fire.” “Everyone went crazy, and then we saw smoke, and I heard the words ‘fire,’ and then there was the item literally flaming next to us. It was absolutely a terrifying experience.”

According to Engleson, a few passengers rushed to get water and put out the smoking device, and law enforcement arrived to get the pair off the plane.

She expressed her gratitude for Southwest Airlines’ handling of the incident. She told Local 10 News, “They genuinely made everyone feel incredibly protected, and I can’t be more grateful for how the scenario ended.”

Southwest Airlines has had its share of controversy recently, with a large increase in passenger disturbances on flights since January. In an email to Washington Newsday in May, the Federal Aviation Administration stated, “With confidence, the number of reports we’ve received throughout the previous several months is much higher than the amount we’ve observed in the past.”

A passenger and a Southwest flight crew got into an altercation last month, and the flight attendant lost two teeth.

In a statement on the most recent incident, Southwest Airlines said, “A Southwest flight operating from Dallas Love Field safely diverted to Pensacola International Airport on Wednesday afternoon due to a dispute between two passengers traveling together that resulted in a broken. This is a condensed version of the information.


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